Finishing your deck – oil or stain?
Now that you’re done constructing your deck the only thing...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: Sand, Cement, Water and one very irate woman!
Well, well, well - three holes in the ground. (OK...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: In The Beginning…
    So, what possesses a woman with a three,...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster
If this is the first time you've read my blog,...
Industrial House Numbers
Which part of your house does anyone first see and notice?...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster Concludes…
Even if you've been paying close attention as you've followed...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster continues…
With a non-existent budget for a swimming pond and a...
Welcome to the world of natural swimming ponds!
If you ask Wikipedia, "A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond (NSP) is...
Brain-eating Amoeba and other possibilities
If you've followed this blog from the start (a big...
Do-It-Yourself Bed With Drawers
Do you need more storage in your bedroom, but lack...

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Gift Ideas

DIY Wall Chess Board

If you’re into chess, this project’s for you. It’s one of those great pieces that serve both decorative and entertainment purposes. Don’t you just love

Gift Ideas

How to Build a Breadbox

It’s nice to have an organized kitchen. It helps keep things clean and tidy. You won’t have to go around running every morning looking for

Gift Ideas

Easy to Make Dice Pen Holder

My husband was recently invited to a one-day DIY woodworking workshop for. He came home with a nice looking dice pen holder. He said they

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DIY Big Screw Nutcracker

Opening tough nuts can be a real challenge. While it isn’t an everyday occurrence, it helps to be prepared at all times. Having the right

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How to Build a Flower Pot Heater

When you think of versatile project materials, flower pots don’t really come to mind, do they? To most of us, they seem purely decorative. To

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DIY Coffee Mug Tree

How do you organize your mugs? Some people stack them, others put them inside drawers upside down. Personally, I want them where I can see

Pallet projects

How to Build a Wagon From Pallets

Wooden pallets are versatile pieces that you can upcycle and turn into something else. Instead of throwing them away, they’re being converted to tables, benches,

Pallet projects

How to Build a Goat Milking Stand

Milking goats can be a challenge, especially if your goat is quite uncooperative. I know this because my brother-in-law owns a homestead. My kids would


How to Build a Giant Shoe Box

There are thousands of DIY projects out there but some turn out to be wildly popular. They’ve been shared on social media millions of times

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