Clever DIY Necklace for that Special Someone

People have been wearing trinkets and ornaments on their bodies for thousands of years. The first adornments were a consequence of the hunt for food: teeth, claws, horns, and bones. Hunters believed that wearing trophies would bring them good luck during hunting expeditions. In fact, the earliest known piece of jewelry ever found was a […]

Enjoy the summer with a DIY grass hammock

Grass Hammock

Need a good outdoor ‘bed’ you can use for relaxing in your yard? Here’s a quick DIY project from Mitchael Randle that’s sure to be envied by the neighbours! 🙂 Hammocks are a great way to snooze, canoodle or simply read, any time of day, indoors or out. This unique ‘grass’ hammock is a very easy project you […]

How to Make a Classic Leather Journal

Mental health professionals have long urged self-documentation as a healthy way to release anxiety. Here’s how to craft a journal for that purpose.

How to Make Your Own Fur Bench

Photo: eHow

A bench is a functional piece of furniture, used in various ways. However, a bench is just a bench until you add faux fur into it, and then it becomes THE bench – functional and stylish. After all, nothing else says chic more than fur. If you have an old, boring bench and you want to […]

How to turn an old window into a coffee table

DIY window coffee table

Most of us are neck deep trying to repurpose some of our leftover wood and other materials that we no longer use. Recently, we’ve done some renovations in the house which left us with a mountain of scrap we can use! We don’t always want to throw out anything, so we look for ways to make them […]

How to Build DIY Floating Shelves

DIY floating shelves

Do you have a bare wall in the house and you’re looking for a great idea on what to do with it? Build a floating shelf and put that space to good use! In case you don’t know it yet, floating shelves are the trend nowadays. The design is minimalistic – not clunky, never bulky. […]

Turn a cable spool into a duck house!

Cable Spool Duck House

We’ve had cat castles, stylish crates for dogs, even houses for chooks, and now we have one for ducks too! Do you want a large and spacious house for your ducks? Then this cable spool duck house just might be the one you are looking for! It’s a large pet shelter that’s very straightforward that you can […]

Build a clever floating pull-out crate storage!

Floating Pull Out Crate Storage

We all have that one room at home that’s just difficult to keep organized! And if you’re still looking for that closet organization idea that can solve your problem, perhaps this DIY project will do! This storage system is most suitable for deep and narrow spaces. The crates are mounted on the wall with full extension drawer […]

Build a picnic table and bench in one

Convertible Picnic Table Bench

Many of you have asked for a tutorial or a set of plans on how to build a convertible picnic table/bench when we first shared the idea. It is indeed a clever furniture design that any DIY-er would want to build, but it is also a little complex… Fortunately, we found a DIY-er who has already built his very […]