Build This No-Mess Dog Feeder with Built-In Storage!

We all love our dogs, but it can really strain the relationship when they knock their food or water bowl over! It’s strange how the kids are never around to help clean up the mess. It’s just another of your tasks, right? And then there’s the question of food storage. Depending on the breed, that […]

How to Turn a Bucket into a Chicken Feeder

Having a small backyard flock of chickens is a growing trend among more and more homeowners. And it is not just country folks who enjoy raising chickens, too. Cities are relaxing their laws and ordinances, allowing chickens in residential areas so that city dwellers can enjoy this pleasant hobby, as well. My boys have a […]

DIY Automatic Chicken Waterer with Nipple Drippers

Just like us humans, pets and livestock need clean drinking water to stay healthy. When it comes to raising chickens, the water gets easily dirty with beddings and droppings.  Clean water is not just necessary for good health – it also plays a big role on egg production. When you deprive your chickens with water, […]

Build Your Own Chicken Nesting Box

If you’re just starting to raise chickens, there are a few items that’ll come in handy. For one, you’re going to need nest boxes. This is a place where hens can lay their eggs. Although hens don’t really need a nest box as they can lay at any place where they feel safe, next boxes […]

How to Build an A-Frame Chicken Coop

If you’re looking for a great chicken coop design idea, you’re in luck. This DIY project will not only allow you to save money but it will also give you a great-looking chicken coop. There are a lot of designs and plans out there but I’m liking this A-frame one a lot. While free-range chickens […]

How to Build a Goat Milking Stand

Milking goats can be a challenge, especially if your goat is quite uncooperative. I know this because my brother-in-law owns a homestead. My kids would spend summer vacations with him while they were growing up. And almost always, when milking time comes, they grapple with the goats on the ground. While this may sound fun, […]

How to Build a Self Groomer for Cats

Cats are pretty fun to have around. They can be playful, perpetually curious, and loving – well, at least depending on their mood. One particular thing that I love about them though is that they are very independent, not very high maintenance, so to speak. I can go out the door and my cat won’t […]

DIY Cat Rope Bridge

Having a pet can bring lots of joy. Studies show that pets help reduce stress and prevent loneliness, especially for those who live alone. Those who own pets are said to have lower blood pressure, a better mood, and a good sense of well-being. But it goes both ways: you take care of your pets […]

How to Turn an IKEA Bookcase Into a Catio

I got married right after I graduated from college. This explains why most of our furniture during our early years was from our college dorms. A few years later, when we had good-paying jobs, one of the first things that we bought were IKEA bookcases. As voracious readers, we had a lot of books. The […]

DIY Chunky Knitted Cat Bed

I have a co-worker who’s head-over-heels in love with her cat. I have yet to meet someone who’s is as obsessed with their pet as she is. She says she couldn’t stand being away from it for a long time. She takes her pet anywhere she goes. Good thing our workplace is pet-friendly. Last month, […]