Inexpensive Self-Groomer for Cats

This is an easy and inexpensive self-groomer project that your cat will surely love!

This is an easy and inexpensive self-groomer project that your cat will surely love!

Cats are pretty fun to have around. They can be playful, perpetually curious, and loving – well, at least depending on their mood. Cats are one of my favourite animals for many reasons, but one particular thing that I love about them is that they are very independent. They don’t require a lot of care and attention, and they’re content to do their own thing. I admire that about them – they’re not needy or clingy, and they’re perfectly content to just be themselves.

I can go out the door and my cat won’t even bother to look at me. She’d have this nonchalant attitude that says she doesn’t care where I go, as long as there’s food. I love her for that. I know she’ll be there when I get home, unimpressed with my comings and goings. She’s my loyal companion, always there for me, even when she acts like she couldn’t care less.

I was looking for something that would further encourage her independence. I came across this project for a cat self-groomer while browsing cat videos on YouTube. I thought it was a great idea, and it would be perfect for my cat.

The project is relatively simple. It just requires a few materials that can be easily found around the house. With this project, my cat will be able to groom herself without my help. She will be able to keep herself clean and presentable, and I won’t have to worry about her getting hair all over the house. This project is perfect for me and my cat.

It will help her to be more independent, and it will save me time and worry. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make my own cat self-groomer, so I decided to make two instead of just one. The materials weren’t expensive, so I thought why not? The first time my cat used it, she was merely testing it out. But after a couple of days, I must say, it was a hit! She loves it and it definitely saves me a lot of time (and hair!)

It'll be hard to pry your cat away from this self-groomer!
It’ll be hard to pry your cat away from this self-groomer!

Materials you’ll need for this cat self-groomer project:

  • 12” x 12” wooden base
  • 14” x 14” fabric
  • 2 pcs new toilet bowl brushes
  • 1” x 1” wooden cube


  • Staple gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Drill
  • Glue


When you have all the materials needed for this cat self-grooming project, start by detaching the brushes from the handles. Next, drill a hole in the centre of the 1″x1″ wooden cube. Then apply glue to the end of one of the brushes and slide the wooden cube over the end. Take your other brush and slide it over the top of the cube, so the bristles are pointing in the opposite direction. Now you have a brush perfect for grooming your cat!

With your fabric facing down, place your wooden base on top. Fold the edges over and secure them with your staple gun, do this for all sides. Make sure the staples are evenly distributed so that your fabric is tight and wrinkle-free.

Next, take your drill and make two holes in the opposite corner of the diagonal side of the base. Then, take your connected brushes and slide them into the holes of the base. Make sure to put some glue on them before sliding them in. This will help ensure that they stay in place.

Easy as 1 2 3, you and your cat will enjoy the benefit of this cat self-grooming project!

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Wanna learn how to make this adorable self-groomer for cats? Watch the video below.



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