Build Your Own Tripod Camping Stool

Now, you can camp in style in this DIY tripod camping stool.
Now, you can camp in style in this DIY tripod camping stool.

My family loves to go camping. Instead of going to theme parks, my kids would rather hike up a mountain. After about an hour or so, we reach this wide clearing with a gorgeous view.

I, on one hand, have never really enjoyed camping before. However, I learned that the secret to enjoying it is minimalism. It isn’t practical to carry around huge stuff because hey, it’s tiring. If you could find a mini version of the essentials, you’re good to go.

These stools are perfect presents especially on Father's Day.
These stools are perfect presents especially on Father’s Day.

One of the issues that I faced as a newbie camper was the lack seating. Of course, I could have just sat anywhere but my bad back prevents me from sitting on the floor for extended periods. And so my gem of a husband made me a tripod camping stool. It’s sturdy yet small enough to be easily carried up a mountain.

The project was a hit. The kids loved it, everyone in our camping group loved it, I loved it! Today, my husband had made several of these tools because we give them away as gifts, especially during Father’s Day. It’s a simple project that doesn’t cost so much. You should definitely give it a try.


  • 3 pcs – 1 1/8” Birch hardwood dowels (enough for three 24” pieces)
  • 1 pc – brass 2.75” bolt
  • 1 pc – 1.5” eye-hole bolt
  • 2 pcs – brass acorn nuts
  • 3 pcs – brass washers
  • 3 pcs – brass finishing washers
  • 3 pcs -brass 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer)
  • finish 
  • leather or other heavy material for the seat


  • sander
  • center-finder (optional, but helps)
  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • small socket wrench to fit acorn nuts
  • rags
  • knife

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Do you want to learn how this tripod camping stool was made? Watch this video.



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