DIY Bucket Chicken Feeder – A great way to provide feeds to your chooks!

This chicken feeder is simple, easy to make, and it serves its purpose well.
This chicken feeder is simple and easy to make, and it serves its purpose well.

According to a recent report, the number of people raising chickens in their backyards has been steadily increasing over the last few years. This trend is being driven by a growing interest in where our food comes from and a desire to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Chickens are a great addition to any backyard. They are relatively low maintenance and can provide you with fresh eggs. Plus, they are just plain fun to watch!

As more and more people move into cities, lawmakers are beginning to relax laws and ordinances to allow chickens in residential areas. This is because city dwellers are increasingly interested in taking up this pleasant hobby. Allowing chickens in urban areas has many benefits, including providing fresh eggs, reducing food waste, and teaching children about where their food comes from.

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The boys have a flock of chickens at home that they are responsible for feeding. However, they sometimes forget to do so, especially when they are not home. I have to remind them often to take care of their chickens and make sure they are getting enough to eat. As the chickens’ primary caretaker, it is important to me that they are well-fed and healthy.

I often have to check on the boys to make sure they are doing their part in taking care of the chickens. This has happened several times already and they felt so guilty about it that they bugged me to buy them a feeder.

Why buy a chicken feeder when you can DIY your own out of a 5-gallon bucket?
Why buy a chicken feeder when you can DIY your own out of a 5-gallon bucket?

After a few weeks of continuous bugging, I decided to give in. The day before we were scheduled to go feeder shopping, I came across this great DIY project for a bucket chicken feeder. It was made from a five-gallon bucket that we happened to have at home.

The building process was fairly straightforward and simple. The finished product is a chicken feeder that’s low maintenance and it keeps the food dry and clean. Overall, we’re very pleased with how it turned out and it’s been a great addition to the farm!

What you’ll need to build a bucket chicken feeder?


  • 5-gallon bucket with lid
  • Feed Tub (basin)
  • Glue


  • sharpie
  • sharp razor knife
  • drill with a large drill bit
  • hacksaw blade or a long thin serrated knife
  • rag
  • tape measure


The chicken feeder system is quite simple and easy to use. You will need to fill the feeder with chicken feed or water. The chickens will then be able to access the feed and water through the feed tub in the feeder opening. This system is an easy way to make sure your chickens have access to the food and water they need.

To make a chicken feeder out of a 5-gallon bucket, you will need to make holes in the bottom side of the bucket. You can make as many holes as you need for your chicken feeder. The more holes you make, the more food your chickens will be able to eat at one time. You can use a drill to make the holes in your bucket.

Next, you need to glue the bucket into the basin. The basin will serve as the feed tub of your chicken feeder. Make sure that the bucket is firmly in place and is located in the middle of the basin to make room for the feeds so that your chickens can easily access their food.

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Learn how to turn a bucket into a chicken feeder by watching this video.



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