DIY Hoop House Trellis

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DIY Hoop House Trellis
DIY Hoop House Trellis

Do you need a simple trellis that won’t cost you a fortune to build? Here’s the perfect solution!

PVC Trellis

Made from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions for a good number of years, this trellis gives you great value for your money. This is ideal for growing tomatoes, sweet peas, cucumbers and many more.

Thinking of adding a trellis to your garden? Then this project might be for you!

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You’ll need these materials:

  • 3 pieces 1 1/4″x10′ UV Resistant Electrical Pvc Pipe
  • 10 pieces 3/4″x10′ UV Resistant Electrical Pvc Pipe with connectable ends
  • PVC Plumbing Adhesive
  • 2 3’x50′ Galvanized welded wire fence
  • Pack of Rebar Ties

And these tools:

  • Measuring Tape
  • String
  • Saw
  • Wire Cutters
  • Gloves
  • Sledge Hammer
  • 2×4 Scrap piece


Prep the soil for growing your crop.


Glue 2 lengths of the 3/4″ pipe together (repeat 4 more times to get five 20′ long pipes) and allow to cure for 24 hours. Cut the 1 1/4″ pipe to 2 1/2′ lengths.

Measure a 10′ by 7′ area and create line guides making sure to square the corners.

At 2′ intervals along the long side of the measured area, pound the 1 1/4″ pipe into the ground using a piece of 2×4 for cushioning so as not to damage the pipe.

Insert the 3/4″ pipe into the 1 1/4″ pipes creating the hoop.


Span the wire fence over the hoops and attach the fence to the pipe using rebar ties.

DIYHoopHouseTrellis04 DIYHoopHouseTrellis05 DIYHoopHouseTrellis06 DIYHoopHouseTrellis07

Plant your vegetables or ornamentals or whatever!  Have fun and enjoy!


You can weave the vines through the wire fence or attach them with panty hose, gardening tape, etc. I’d recommend attaching the vines (with whatever product/material you want) on the inside of the trellis, so the tomatoes can hang and not get stuck in the fence gaps.


This hoop house costs a total of $100 in materials, which certainly seems like a lot for this kind of trellis, but this thing is BIG!  It’s about 7′ wide, 10′ long, and 7′ high.

Being weather resistant, UV resistant, and rust resistant, the trellis can be left in place for years, and the fencing material allows a great deal of light to hit the ground allowing for ground crops if vines aren’t desired one season or another.

Additionally, shade cloth can be attached to the hoops to prevent burning for any crops that don’t particularly love full sun in certain climates. 🙂

It also makes a great covered entry, outdoor dining area or to add some depth to your garden. If you have some shade loving plants, you could plant them underneath the trellis canopy once it has grown.

Thanks to AngryRedhead for this great project.


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