A Great Catio from IKEA Bookcases: 5 Essential Considerations

This IKEA bookcase into a catio is something your cats will really love! When I graduated from college, I got married right away. That’s why most of our furniture during our early years was from our college dorms. We didn’t have much money, so we had to make do with what we had. But we […]

Adorable Chunky Knitted Cat Bed: 7-Step Project

I have a co-worker who’s head-over-heels in love with her cat. I’ve never seen someone be so obsessed with their pet before. She talks about her cat all the time, and she always has pictures of him on her desk. She even has a special name for him that she uses only when she’s talking […]

How to Make an Inexpensive Cat Hammock

As a cat lover, I can attest to the fact that it often feels as though my pet is also my boss. A cat isn’t going to fawn over you or reduce itself to begging for your affection. Instead, cats tend to be aloof and independent, which can be frustrating for those of us who […]

A Creative Teepee House For Your Pet

A study conducted by Australian researchers has found that people who own cats tend to have better psychological health than those who don’t have pets. On questionnaires, cat owners reported feeling happier, more confident, and less nervous than those without pets. The companionship and emotional support provided by cats can help improve their owners’ mental […]

Inexpensive duck house from a wooden cable spool!

Cable Spool Duck House

We’ve had cat castles, stylish crates for dogs, even houses for chooks, and now we have one for ducks too! Do you want a large and spacious house for your ducks? Then this cable spool duck house just might be the one you are looking for! It’s a large pet shelter that’s very straightforward and you can […]

10 Simple Steps to Build an Affordable DIY Chicken Tractor!

DIY Chicken Tractor

Backyard chickens can be accommodated in various housing setups, each with its unique set of pros and cons. In determining the most suitable housing arrangement for your backyard chickens, several factors come into play, including the local climate, the size of your flock, and your available budget. For those currently raising chickens or considering it, […]

Build your pampered feline an inexpensive cat tree with old drawers!

DIY Cat Tree

Cats are natural climbers and they love heights. They are able to climb cat trees and other structures with ease, and often enjoy spending time up high. This behaviour is instinctive for cats and helps them to escape predators or find a good vantage point. Cats are agile creatures that are equipped with sharp claws […]

Efficient DIY Coop: A Geodesic Chicken Tractor in 9 Simple Steps

Geodesic Chicken Coop

Wondering what a geodesic chicken tractor might be? A geodesic chicken tractor is a coop that can be easily moved and often has wheels. They are also known as chicken arks. Geodesic chicken tractors are a great way to keep your chickens safe and let them roam freely. A fixed chicken coop has one major […]

Building an Enchanting Backyard Fairytale Chicken Coop in 10 Simple Steps

Fairytale Chicken Coop

Who says chicken coops only have to look like, well, a chicken coop? If you’re planning on raising chooks but want to keep your backyard looking beautiful with them in it, then here’s one fairytale chicken coop design you just might like! This beautiful fairytale chicken coop was designed by the owner-builders themselves. It provides both […]

Inexpensive Compost with chickens!

Composting with Chickens

Chickens make great helpers when it comes to gardening and being self-sufficient. Your chooks do not only provide you with fresh eggs, but they can also make your life in the garden easier and more productive by providing compost! Your chickens can eat the little critters in your vegetable garden if you let them go “free-range” in a DIY […]