Make an awesome skateboard swing for the kids!

Skateboard Swing
Make an awesome skateboard swing for the kids!

Swings are a timeless playground staple enjoyed by children and adults alike. They evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia and offer a fun way to get some fresh air and exercise. Swings can be enjoyed solo or with a friend, making them a great activity for both individual and group play.

Do the kids want a swing at home? You don’t have to buy a swing set, just a used skateboard! When it comes to providing your kids with fun outdoor play equipment, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune.

A DIY skateboard swing is a great alternative, which can be just as fun (if not more). Plus, it’s a great way to recycle an old skateboard that your kid has outgrown.

DIY Skateboard Swing

Skateboards are a great, budget-friendly option for kids who want to enjoy some outdoor fun. You can often find them for a great price at thrift stores. And while you’re there, you can also look for a broomstick or any other wooden rod that you can use for this project. With a little creativity, you can turn an old skateboard into a great skateboard swing for your kids to enjoy.

This easy skateboard swing project can be completed in just 20 minutes, making it perfect for kids who can’t wait to have their own swing! With just a few simple supplies, you can create a fun and unique swing that your kids will love.

Is this skateboard swing going to be your next project for them?

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You’ll need these materials:

  • Old Skateboard Deck
  • Rope (take note of its weight limit)
  • 2 Threaded Quick Links
  • Dowel / Broom Stick

And these tools:

  • Cordless Drill with 3/8 Drill Bit
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil Marker

Here’s how you do it!

The design of your skateboard can affect how your skateboard swing looks. If you want a more professional look, you might want to choose a skateboard with a sleek design.

If you’re planning on using your skateboard for a swing, you may want to consider removing the wheels. You may opt not to remove the wheels of the skateboard for your skateboard swing but in my case, I want it removed.

This will give you a more stable surface to work with, and can help to prevent any damage to the wheels themselves. To remove the wheels, simply unscrew them from the skateboard’s deck. Once they’re removed, you’re ready to get started!

To create a skateboard swing, you will need to drill holes on both sides of the skateboard and thread a rope through. To ensure the holes are in the correct place, measure two inches from both sides of the skateboard. Once the holes are drilled, thread the rope through.

You will need to cut your dowel or piece of wood you got from the thrift store into equal lengths. These will be used as handles for your child to hold on to while swinging. Make sure to sand down any rough edges on the wood so that your child does not get hurt.

Drill one hole in each side of the dowel. As you thread your rope through the holes in the skateboard, tie a knot above each hole. The same goes for the dowel. This will ensure that your skateboard is securely attached to the rope, and will prevent it from slipping or coming loose.

Next, find a sturdy platform or tree to tie your skateboard swing to. Make sure the platform is high enough off the ground that you can get a good swing, but not so high that you’ll be in danger of falling off. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, make sure to secure your swing tightly so it doesn’t come loose while you’re using it.

You can also get step-by-step instructions from Little Bit Funny over here



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