Unusual DIY Diagonal Bookshelf: Simple 8-Step Build

Making your own furniture is immensely satisfying. There’s something special about being able to see the product of your own hard work and effort. This particular DIY project is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face: a diagonal bookshelf. This bookshelf is unique because it’s not the typical rectangular shape. It’s diagonal, which makes […]

Safe & Cozy DIY Co-sleeper Crib: 9-Step Build Guide

Parents with newborn babies have a lot of decisions to make. One of the biggest decisions is where the baby will sleep. There are a lot of options out there, but it seems like more and more parents are choosing a co-sleeper crib instead of a traditional crib. There are a few reasons why co-sleepers […]

Cool Sunglass Rack: 7-Step DIY Project

Sunglasses are more than mere accessories; they shield our eyes from the glaring sun, add a layer of mystery to our looks, and often, encapsulate memories from sunny days out and about. Given their significance and the variety we accumulate over time, these prized possessions deserve a functional spot that reflects our personal style. This […]

Fur Bench – A cool way to transform a boring one!

Photo: eHow

A bench is a functional piece of furniture, used in various ways. However, a bench is just a bench until you add faux fur to it, and then it becomes THE bench – functional and stylish. After all, nothing else says chic more than fur. Adding faux fur to a bench is an easy way to […]

Curious Old Window Coffee Table: Practical 10-Step Project

DIY window coffee table

Most of us have a lot of leftover wood and other materials like old windows that we don’t use anymore. It can be tough to figure out what to do with all of it. But with a little creativity, you can turn them into an old window coffee table. We recently completed some renovations on […]

Comfortable & Versatile Breakfast Nook: 10-Step Build

Do you have a seemingly empty corner in your kitchen and you want to put it to good use? Are you looking for something that will give extra storage space? Well, look no further – a breakfast nook with storage is a perfect idea. Despite its name, breakfast nooks aren’t meant for breakfast alone. It […]

Build the Best DIY Floating Shelves

DIY floating shelves

If you have a bare wall in your house, you may be wondering what to do with it. There are many options for decorating a blank wall, and the right choice for you will depend on your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your home. Building floating shelves is a great way to put […]

8 Amazing Playbed Ideas for Kids


Play ‘plays’ an important part in every child’s well-being. Kids learn a lot through play so it’s important that parents support this kind of activity in every way possible. And one fun way is to come up with playbed ideas for their bedroom! While playing outdoors is encouraged, the weather does not always cooperate with our plans. These […]

Compact Swivel Storage Cabinet: Affordable 9-Step Project

Swivel Storage Cabinet

The importance of storage in a home office cannot be underestimated. A well-organized office will help you to be more productive, while a cluttered and disorganized office can lead to frustration and wasted time. There are a few key things to keep in mind when considering storage for your home office. First, think about what […]