Cool Sunglass Rack: 7-Step DIY Project

Here's how you can properly store, and display, your sunglasses collection - a DIY Sunglass Rack!
Here’s how you can properly store, and display, your sunglasses collection – a DIY Sunglass Rack!

Sunglasses are more than mere accessories; they shield our eyes from the glaring sun, add a layer of mystery to our looks, and often, encapsulate memories from sunny days out and about. Given their significance and the variety we accumulate over time, these prized possessions deserve a functional spot that reflects our personal style. This is where the charm of a DIY sunglass rack comes into play.

Embarking on the journey to craft your sunglass rack is an invitation to blend creativity with utility. It’s not merely about following instructions to assemble a piece of wood into slots and shelves; it’s about envisioning a home for your sunglasses that enhances your space, showcases your collection, and makes choosing the perfect pair for the day’s adventures an absolute delight.

Below is a complete guide to making your sunglass rack for your home. From selecting the right materials to adding the finishing touches that make the rack distinctly yours, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create a masterpiece as stylish as the sunglasses it holds. Let’s turn inspiration into action and give your sunglasses the stylish home they deserve.

sunglass rack
A simple, fast, and easy project with very useful results.

Crafting Your Sunglass Rack


  • 1 pc board – 6’x5 ½”x3/4” (cut into half)
  • 2 pcs board – 6’x2 ½”x3/4” (cut into 5 ½” pieces)
  • Wood stain
  • Screws
  • Readynail sawtooth hanger


  • Electric screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Premium wiping cloths


Step 1: Prepare the Materials

  • Start by taking the 6’x5 ½”x3/4” board and cutting it in half to create two equal pieces. This will form the back panel of your sunglass rack.
  • Next, take the 6’x2 ½”x3/4” boards and cut them into 5 ½” pieces. These will serve as the shelves or holders for the sunglasses.

Step 2: Sand the Boards

  • Before assembling, sand all the cut pieces of wood with sandpaper. This step ensures a smooth surface, removes any splinters, and prepares the wood for staining. Pay extra attention to the edges and corners.

Step 3: Stain the Wood

  • Apply wood stain to all parts of your boards using premium wiping cloths. Stain enhances the wood’s natural grain and provides protection. You want to ensure an even application of the stain to avoid any imperfections or wastage.

Step 4: Assemble the Sunglass Rack

  • Arrange the shelves (the smaller pieces) along the larger back panel board at equal distances apart, depending on how much space you want between your sunglasses. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the exact spots.
  • Once you have your layout, use the electric screwdriver to attach the shelves to the back panel with screws. Ensure each shelf is securely fastened and level.

Step 5: Attach the Hanging Mechanism

  • On the back side of the rack, attach the Readynail sawtooth hanger at the top center of the back panel. Make sure it’s centered for a balanced hang. Use a hammer to gently tap it into place if needed.

Step 6: Final Touches

  • Give your newly assembled sunglass rack a final sanding if necessary, especially around the areas where you’ve just worked with screws. Wipe the rack’s surface with a clean and dry cloth to clear any dust or excess materials throughout the building process.

Step 7: Mount and Enjoy

  • Find the perfect spot on your wall for your new sunglass rack. Use a level to ensure it’s straight before securing it to the wall with suitable wall anchors or screws (depending on your wall type). Once mounted, arrange your sunglasses on the shelves.

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Types of Materials for Sunglass Racks

When it comes to organizing and displaying your sunglasses collection, choosing the right material for your sunglass rack can significantly impact your space’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Sunglass racks can be crafted from various materials, offering unique benefits and styles. 

Here’s a guide to help you select the best material for your sunglass rack, ensuring it complements your decor and meets your needs.


Wooden sunglass racks are popular due to their durability and timeless appeal. They can easily match a range of interior designs, from rustic to modern. Wood can be shaped into nearly any shape that will hold your sunglasses. 

Additionally, wooden sunglass racks add a warm, natural element to your space, making them a perfect choice for those who appreciate craftsmanship and the beauty of natural materials.


Metal sunglass racks offer a sleek, contemporary look, ideal for modern homes and minimalist decors. You can shape certain metal sheets into any shape, including ones made from aluminum and steel. 

Metal racks are also highly durable and can support heavier loads, making them suitable for displaying an extensive sunglasses collection. Their polished finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room.


Acrylic sunglass racks are known for their clear, glass-like appearance, which makes them perfect for a clean, uncluttered look. These racks are lightweight, yet sturdy, and can blend seamlessly into any decor without overshadowing the sunglasses themselves. 

Acrylic is also resistant to breakage, making it a safer option for households with pets or children. Acrylic sunglass racks are an excellent choice for those who prefer a modern, subtle display solution.

Recycled Materials

For the environmentally conscious, sunglass racks made from recycled materials offer a unique and eco-friendly option. Recycled wood, plastic, or metal can be repurposed into beautiful sunglass racks, each with its character and story. 

These materials reduce waste and provide a creative and personalized touch to your sunglass storage solution. Choosing a sunglass rack made from recycled materials demonstrates a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style or functionality.


Fabric sunglass racks are a softer, more flexible option, ideal for temporary or portable sunglass storage solutions. Made from materials like canvas or felt, these racks can be hung on walls or doors, offering a space-saving design. 

Fabric racks protect your sunglasses from scratches and are perfect for those with a smaller collection or for displaying sunglasses in less conventional spaces. They add a cozy, tactile element to your decor and can be easily customized with different colors and patterns.

Choosing the right material for your sunglass rack depends on your style, the size of your collection, and your storage needs. Whether you prefer the natural elegance of wood, the modern appeal of metal, the transparency of acrylic, the eco-friendliness of recycled materials, or the softness of fabric, there is a sunglass rack material that will meet your requirements and enhance your space.

Maintenance and Care for Sunglasses

Maintaining and caring for your sunglasses is essential to ensure they last longer and remain pristine. A well-constructed sunglass rack plays a vital role in this process, offering a designated spot that organizes and protects your eyewear from Damage. 

Here are key practices for maintaining and caring for your sunglasses, emphasizing the importance of a good sunglass rack in preserving your collection.

Proper Storage

  • Use a Sunglass Rack: Always store unused sunglasses on a sunglass rack. This prevents them from being scratched, bent, or broken by accidental mishandling. A sunglass rack with soft lining or individual compartments offers extra protection against scratches.

Cleaning Techniques

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean your sunglasses regularly to remove dust, fingerprints, and oils that can corrode the lenses and frames over time. Use a microfiber cloth and a mild lens cleaning solution. Avoid using paper towels or clothing, as they can leave scratches.
  • Deep Cleaning: Occasionally, your sunglasses might need a deep clean to remove built-up grime. Use lukewarm water with gentle soap, carefully rubbing the lenses and frame.

Handling Sunglasses

  • Gentle Handling: Always handle your sunglasses with care. Please pick them up by the frame rather than the arms to reduce the risk of bending or breaking. When placing them on a sunglass rack, ensure the arms are fully extended or folded gently to avoid warping the shape.

Avoiding Extreme Conditions

  • Protect from Extreme Temperatures: Never leave your sunglasses in a place where they can be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as the dashboard of a car. High heat can warp the frame and damage the lens coatings.
  • Keep Away from Water and Chemicals: Avoid exposing your sunglasses to water and chemicals for prolonged periods. Saltwater and chlorine can corrode the lenses and frames, while hairspray and other aerosols can damage lens coatings.

Periodic Inspections

  • Check for Damage Regularly: Inspect your sunglasses regulDamageor any signs of wear and tear, such as loose screws or misaligned arms. Minor issues can often be fixed at home or by a professional before they cause permanent Damage.
  • Use Protective Cases: Use a protective case when traveling or managing multiple pairs of sunglasses. For those who use a sunglass rack as their primary storage, consider a travel case to protect your sunglasses on the go.

By adhering to these maintenance and care tips, you can significantly extend the life and appearance of your sunglasses. A quality sunglass rack not only aids in organizing your collection but also ensures each pair is stored in a manner that minimizes the risk of Damage. Regular cleaning, careful handling, and damage removal from extreme conditions are vital to keeping your sunglasses looking as good as new.


Building a sunglass rack offers a stylish and practical solution for displaying and protecting your eyewear collection. Through a simple DIY project, you can create a personalized piece that serves a functional purpose and enhances your space’s decor. Embrace the opportunity to craft a unique sunglass rack that reflects your style and keeps your sunglasses organized and accessible.

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