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With this shopping notepad holder, you won't have to miss a single item in your grocery list anymore!

With this shopping notepad holder, you won’t have to miss a single item on your grocery list anymore!

In our previous project, we discussed a great craft memo board. A well-designed craft memo board that could be a great asset for any family. By clearly displaying important information and reminders, it can help everyone stay on top of their responsibilities and avoid forgetting important tasks.

Its large surface area also allows for ample space to write out recipes, notes, and other information. Overall, a craft memo board can be a great way to streamline communication and keep the entire family organized.

These would make perfect gifts, too!
These would make perfect gifts, too!

Today, what will be doing is a mini version of the memo board – a DIY shopping notepad holder! I’ve heard stories from friends about the time they forgot things they were supposed to buy at the grocery. This typically happens when the items were just verbalized instead of written down.

This is the usual scenario in a busy home, or in a home where everyone does the talking and only one person does all the grocery shopping. They’ll voice out their “requests” and get mad if you forget any of them.

But this isn’t an isolated case. The majority of us have, at some point, experienced it. It might be frustrating, yes, but the good part is – one person has actually come up with an idea that will somehow aid in resolving this problem.

Upon seeing this DIY shopping notepad holder, I wasted no time and did it right away with the help of my son. A few hours after we put it up on our kitchen wall, there were several items on the list already. At least, we do not have to worry about missing out on some items anymore as long as it has been listed. This is such a big help, believe me.

Materials needed for the DIY shopping notepad holder project:

  • Piece of wood – At least 5 inches wide if you are using a receipt roll that has an 80mm width
  • Wood glue
  • Sheet metal screws
  • 2 Pcs Metal Plate – About 1″x5″ (make sure you have sanded the edges to avoid injuries)
  • Flat washers
  • 2 pcs Screw eye hooks
  • Galvanized Iron wire – about 18″ (fold into a square with 4″ sides, the extra 2 inches is a margin to join the ends of the wires, the this will hold your receipt roll paper)
  • Receipt roll paper – 80mm width (depends on what you want to use)


  • Table saw
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Circular saw
  • Belt sander
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers


You can start by preparing the base/holder of your shopping notepad. Clean the piece of wood by sanding it off to have a professional look. Once the wood is clean, you can opt to paint it. Choose a colour that will match the rest of your kitchen décor.

Next, screw your 2 screw eye hooks into the top of your base/holder, 1 inch from the edge. Make sure they are level, then take the galvanized iron wire and thread it through the eye of the hooks and into the hole at the end of the receipt roll. Do this as shown in the figure, but to make your galvanized holder sturdier, bend both wires back on themselves at the point where they come out of the hooks. This will make replacing your paper roll a lot easier.

Attach the metal plate to the outside diameter of the paper roll using screws, this will hold the paper in place. Attach the other metal plate on the other end of the base/holder using screws, and you’ll have your very own shopping notepad holder! This holder is great for keeping track of shopping lists, notes, and more.

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You can watch another version of the shopping notepad holder in the video below! Watch the video below so you can start making your own shopping notepad holder…



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