Kit Homes – Pride in Building Your Own Home

There has been a growing interest in old kit homes. As with anything of historical significance or intrigue, clubs and social media groups formed by people who share their kit home and geodesic dome homes experiences have been popping up. Pride in building one’s own home just can’t be held down! Kit Homes Do you […]

How To Get A Good Shipping Container

How to Get a Shipping Container

A shipping container can make a wonderful shed, office, hobby room, or even a home. They are a strong and cost-effective material to build structures with. But the question we are continually asked is ‘where do you get them’? This article aims to provide you with general information about shipping containers, local building regulations you need to check, and where […]

From a Brass Sink to a Japanese Forest House

A couple years ago I found a neat little brass sink at the local recycle center.   Enamored of shiny objects,  I coveted it’s golden glow,  entirely aware of the fact that I had no use for such a thing.   I wandered around for an hour or so with it in my hand,  looking at other […]

Gypsy Wagon: 1-Day Build for Exciting Adventures

Are you the kind of homeowner who’s always on the go? Then a mobile gypsy wagon is your best option. They’re very unique, affordable, and can be easily relocated whenever you wish to move. And if you’re after great savings, you can also build it yourself. Are you the kind of homeowner who’s always on […]

DIY Earthbag Round House – Amazing Traditional Building Material

DIY Earthbag Round House

This interesting home is made from earthbags, also known as sandbags. The idea of making walls by stacking bags of sand or earthbags has been around for at least a hundred years. People first used sandbags for flood control and military bunkers. The reasons are obvious. Earthbags are cheap and they are easy to make and […]

DIY Cabin – An inexpensive way to spend a weekend getaway

DIY Cabin

Need a weekend getaway but on a tight budget? Why not build your own cabin? There’s something about owning a cabin in the woods that continues to fascinate and capture people’s imaginations. The attraction endures even in our age of smartphones and wifi. But dreams are a poor substitute for reality. If that cabin is […]

Inexpensive DIY Cob Playhouse

The temperatures we have outdoors nowadays are getting worse compared to the conditions 10 or 20 years ago. Back then, spending time outside was enjoyable because of the fresher, cooler air – even during summer. But today, it’s either too hot or too cold to stay long out there. Most of the time it’s the […]

Authentic DIY Earthbag Dome Home

Earthbag Dome Home

If the garage is full to bursting and you can’t find the space to store your harvest or new tools, it might be time to invest in a good old shed.   A humble storage shed can provide an adequate and safe area for keeping your garden tools or your harvest. If you have a […]

DIY Kids Fort – The Wild West Comes to the Backyard!

Is there any child who doesn’t like a fort or cubby house to play in? This western saloon would surely never go empty! This kids’ fort was inspired by saloon-style playhouses sold online. But instead of buying. the owners decided to build their own kids’ fort and created a simple structural plan. Recycled pine fence palings […]

Awesome DIY Mongolian Yurt – A Traditional Traveler’s Living Space

Many of us have a fascination with Mongolian yurts. Maybe because Mongolian yurts come from all those tales of Genghis Khan we’ve read! Modern yurts are of course based on the traditional nomadic living space of Central Asia. Mongolian Yurt homes have been in use for well over three thousand years, in extreme conditions. Their […]