5 Fresh Kitchen Backsplash Designs That Beautifully Transform Your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen from drab to fab with a stunning kitchen backsplash design. The home remodeling industry has been abuzz lately with this must-have feature — adding a decorative accent to any kitchen, a kitchen backsplash can totally revolutionize the way your space looks and feels. If your kitchen doesn’t keep up with the trend […]

Planning a Great Outdoor Kitchen Extension

One of the best ways to keep costs down is to build your outdoor kitchen as close to your interior kitchen as possible. Here are a few tips on planning your kitchen’s patio extension.

Build a Great Breadbox

Here’s a DIY breadbox project that definitely exemplifies form and function. An organized kitchen is a key component of any home. It helps keep things clean and tidy and makes meal preparation a breeze. Having a designated place for everything and keeping everything in its place can make a world of difference in your kitchen. […]

DIY Big Screw Nutcracker – A fun way to enjoy nuts!

Opening tough nuts can be a real challenge. While it isn’t an everyday occurrence, it helps to be prepared at all times. Having the right tool is important. As trivial as it may sound, it pays to have a nutcracker at home. After all, you’ll never know when you’re going to need one. I once […]

Amazing DIY Coffee Mug Tree

Using a coffee mug tree is a clever way to organize your mugs. Coffee is the perfect way to start the morning. It contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant, and it can help you wake up and get ready for the day ahead. Coffee is not only a great way to wake up in […]