Make a pallet planter box for beautiful cascading flowers!

Pallet Planter Box

Here’s another easy project that will bring more colour and life to your home! All you have to do is build it in one day, wait around five months and you’ll have an eye-catching feature in your yard! This DIY project is a simple pallet planter box with 2-inch holes drilled on the panels for flowers to cascade from. […]

Turn an ugly tree stump into a beautiful planter!

Tree Stump Planter

It is not uncommon for garden owners to get stuck with an unsightly tree stumps in their garden. They usually occupy prominent places, too, since those stumps were once beautiful trees.  One may have even been the centerpiece of your garden! You’d want to be rid of them, yes, but removing tree stumps can be […]

Decorate your yard with a train planter made from old crates!

Old Crate Train Planter

Want another fun garden idea? This train planter is easy to make and is just made out of old crates! If you’ve got access to used wooden crates, repurposing them as train planters is a great project you can do with them. It will surely make your yard a happier place, and kids especially will love them! […]

Make a gorgeous planter with an old towel!

Here’s an interesting project with an old towel that you don’t like using anymore… a cement/concrete towel planter! It might seem like an expert’s job to some of you but this planter is actually a very basic concrete project – quick and easy! 🙂 All you have to remember for this DIY project, as with any projects involving concrete, […]

Learn how to build a gorgeous herb hive!

Forget about boring shelves for your herb garden and instead make this gorgeous vertical planter resembling a beehive! It will definitely look better in your garden. No, this is not a 3D printed structure but a DIY project designed by the owner-builder himself. You can DIY it too since he has shared the complete step-by-step tutorial which you’ll find […]

How To Make A Raised Planter Stand

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Raised planters aren’t a new idea. Dating back to 300 BC when the pre-Hispanic peoples of the Andes used them to prevent erosion, there is ample reason for their still-growing popularity today. This easy and inexpensive raised planter stand is a great solution for a variety of garden issues. It’s a great option for keeping […]

How To Make A Slot Together Pyramid Planter

Pyramid planters are great for growing various plants especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden or yard. It’s very easy and cheap to make as it’s made from recycled pallet timbers. All you need is an hour and a half and some basic woodworking skills. This simple yet clever design makes […]