8 Best Fire Pits to Keep You Warm Outdoors

Having a fire pit in your garden allows you to spend more time outside, even in colder weather. And who doesn’t enjoy sitting by an open fire? If you’re looking to add a touch of ambiance to your outdoor space, consider a fire pit. Fire pits are perfect for gathering around with friends and family, […]

7 Best Walkway Molds to Spice Up Your Pathway

Concrete walkway molds have a special place in construction and have recently been all the rage in DIY spaces if you’re looking for an affordable DIY project for your garden. Concrete development and use are regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most significant trademarks, with designers and architects developing various techniques to test its […]

Relaxing Zen Bamboo Water Feature: Harmonious 9-Step Guide

If you’re looking to add something interesting and unique to your outdoor area, there are a few better options than adding a creative water feature. Zen bamboo water features can add a touch of relaxation. These are also amazing decoration to any outdoor space. One particular homeowner that I know had always wanted a Zen […]

How to get the best value from your timber shed investment!

Ah timber… the smell, the feel, the look. No wonder so many of us opt for a timber shed despite knowing that there are longer-lasting, lower maintenance options such as coated steel and even polypropylene.  The beauty and natural appeal of wood have made it a popular choice for sheds and other outdoor structures for […]

Creative Wishing Well Burn Barrel from an Old Washing Machine

Wishing Well Burn Barrel from Old Washing Machine

But why buy an expensive, decorative fire pit for your yard when you can have something as impressive by upcycling an old (cheap) washing machine drum? Take a look at this wishing well burn barrel. There are few things better than gathering around a bonfire with friends and family, drinking wine, telling stories, and cozying up […]

How to make your own lace-like stepping stones

There is no reason why stepping stones have to be just functional. This project lets you create a unique piece for your garden! The idea behind these stepping stones was truly a Eureka moment. The owner found fifteen square stepping stones buried beneath the soil from their previous project. And while strolling through a secondhand store […]

Best Swimming Pool Refurbishing Guide in 6 Practical Steps

Refurbishing your pool is not hard, but it does require planning and careful timing.

Swimming pools, like houses, grow tired over time. While most of us try to keep our homes well-maintained, the pool often gets overlooked. After all, you use the house constantly but the pool may only get used a dozen or so times a year. The proximity means that you’ll be constantly reminded when things in your […]

Swimming pool paints: An easy buyer’s guide!

Which paint finish is best for your pool?

Which pool paint finish is best for your swimming pool? Anyone with a pool understands that regular maintenance is just part of the deal. But how many of us realize that the day will come when we will have to drain and repaint that sucker? Painting a swimming pool is a big job and it’s […]