Quick and Easy DIY Raised Herb Garden

Once you’ve decided to garden on raised beds, you’ll need to choose what kind of materials to use. Then, of course, you’ll have to build your raised bed.

DIY Zen Bamboo Water Feature

Water is the most calming element. Humans naturally delight in the sound and sight of water. If you’re looking to add something interesting to your outdoor area, there are few better options than adding a creative water feature. One particular homeowner that I know had always wanted a Zen bamboo water feature. Deer often come […]

How to get the best value from your timber shed investment!

Ah timber… the smell, the feel, the look. No wonder so many of us opt for a timber shed despite knowing that there are longer lasting, lower maintenence options such as coated steel and even polypropelene.  If you’ve opted for timber, here are some tips on making sure your investment stays in great shape for […]

How to turn an old washing machine into a wishing well burn barrell

Wishing Well Burn Barrel from Old Washing Machine

There are few things better than gathering around a bonfire with friends and family, drinking wine, telling stories, cozying up in front of a warm, crackling fire. People have been enjoying these little pleasures for thousands of years! But why buy an expensive, decorative fire pit for your yard when you can have something as impressive […]

How to make your own lace-like stepping stones

There is no reason why stepping stones have to be just functional. This project lets you create a unique piece for your garden! The idea behind these stepping stones was truly a Eureka moment. The owner found fifteen square stepping stones buried beneath the soil from their previous project. And while strolling through a secondhand store […]

Five easy steps to a DIY refurbished swimming pool…

Refurbishing your pool is not hard, but it does require planning and careful timing.

Pools, like houses, grow tired over time. While most of us try to keep our home well maintained, the pool often gets overlooked. After all, you use the house constantly but the pool may only get used a dozen or so times a year. The proximity means that you’ll be constantly reminded when things in your […]

Swimming pool paints: A buyer’s guide

Which paint finish is best for your pool?

  Anyone with a pool understands that regular maintenance is just part of the deal. But how many of us realize that the day will come when we will have to drain and repaint that sucker? Painting a swimming pool is a big job and it’s easy to put off. But the longer you delay, […]

Give your pool a mural makeover!

How to Paint a Mural in your Pool In recent years we saw a trend of decorated swimming pools. Drawing inspirations from ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses with mosaic motives on the floors, the new technique of using many small colored tiles to the 3-D effect has made some truly stunning creations. However, if you […]


It's essential to consider how you'll use your pool in the future as well as today.

Are you thinking of putting in a swimming pool? With the seemingly never-ending hot weather, it’s a tempting idea! To help you get the result you want, we’ve complied a few tips to get you underway: When trying to determine the perfect swimming pool design for your home, it’s essential to look past your current situation […]