Build a compost bin from repurposed pallets!

DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Every gardener will tell you that compost is a garden’s most valuable asset. The product of decomposing organic matter, such as dead plants and kitchen scraps, compost is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that helps crops grow vigorous, healthy, and problem-free. Making compost is just as important for indoor gardeners, whether you grow in soil or […]

DIY glass water wall

DIY Glass Water Wall

Having a water wall can take your garden from ‘nice’ to ‘splendid’. But do you also have to shell out a splendid amount to have a water feature installed in your yard? The answer is not always as proven in this DIY project. And yes — you can definitely DIY your water wall! Building your own water wall may not necessarily […]

Grow potatoes in hay bales

Hay Bale Potato Garden

It’s hard not to love easy, alternative gardening ideas. What we really love about this potato garden idea is that it requires almost none of the common garden setup – not a ‘proper’ garden area or soil, not a lot of space and not even a hoe or a tiller! Are potatoes a regular ingredient at your dining table? This is […]

Learn how to make your own campfire tripod

DIY Campfire Tripod

If you love camping and need a convenient campfire equipment that you can easily cook with and take with you, then a campfire tripod is a must-have for you! Campfire tripods are sold in stores but sometimes they just don’t have the exact features that you’re looking for. The cheapest ones are usually short, while the longer ones are […]

Learn how to make a pocket grill for your outdoor adventures!

DIY pocket grill

Nothing beats cooking over an open flame. Whether it’s for the salty sweetness on that lightly charred, freshly grilled corn or the rich, succulent tenderness of smoked meat, the outdoors begs us into the fresh open air to light a fire and start cooking. There are lots of portable grills out there for camping and other outdoor […]

Build your own beautiful greenhouse using old windows!

Greenhouse from Old Windows

Think a DIY greenhouse from old windows won’t look as attractive and be as functional as a ‘regular’ greenhouse? Well this project just might change your mind! Building a greenhouse using reclaimed windows is definitely a great way to lessen project expenses, but usually at the expense of aesthetics. Sometimes, it doesn’t even serve its purpose well! This […]

Build your own greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles!

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Want to have a small greenhouse in your yard to grow some veggies? Then use plastic bottles to build one! Not only are you keeping construction expenses to a minimum, but you are also helping save the environment. To build a large-sized greenhouse, you’ll need around 1,500 pieces of 2-liter plastic bottles. Can you imagine […]

Add privacy to your yard by building a beautiful cordwood fence!

Cordwood Fences

Want to add some privacy to your yard? Here’s an interesting idea for a fence that you might want to consider! It’s an inexpensive project for those living near or out in the woods. It’s also a great option for those who want a truly unique design. You can create images/portraits with it (like these) and […]

Learn how to grow a straw bale garden!

Straw Bale Gardening

Can’t grow plants and vegetables because critters keep eating them? This simple gardening idea might just be the solution for you! A straw bale garden doesn’t exactly get rid of rodents and other plant eaters but with this set up, they won’t be able to get to your plants. This is also better than the usual […]

Grow your own produce with and a trellis and raised garden box combo

Trellis and Raised Garden Bed Combo

You don’t need a lot of space to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits. You don’t really even need a garden. As long as you have some dirt, water, and sun, you can grow quite a variety of crops. Having a small backyard shouldn’t stop you from growing any kind of produce that you want! There are plenty […]