10 handy hacks when working with timber!
Working with timber is one of life’s great satisfactions. The...
How to Build an A-Frame Chicken Coop
If you’re looking for a great chicken coop design idea,...
DIY Wall Chess Board
If you’re into chess, this project’s for you. It’s one...
How to Build a Breadbox
It’s nice to have an organized kitchen. It helps keep...
Easy to Make Dice Pen Holder
My husband was recently invited to a one-day DIY woodworking...
DIY Big Screw Nutcracker
Opening tough nuts can be a real challenge. While it...
How to Build a Flower Pot Heater
When you think of versatile project materials, flower pots don’t...
DIY Coffee Mug Tree
How do you organize your mugs? Some people stack them,...
How to Build a Wagon From Pallets
Wooden pallets are versatile pieces that you can upcycle and...
How to Build a Toothbrush Holder From Scrap Wood
It’s amazing how there’s actually a lot of things you...

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DIY Shopping Notepad Holder

I’ve heard stories from friends about the time they forgot things they’re supposed to buy at the grocery. This typically happens when the items were

Play Equipment

DIY Garden Chess Board

Playing board games is a great way of spending quality time with the family. Not only do you get to bond with each other, but

Home Organizing

DIY Garden Glove Rack

The key to making life a little easier is proper organization. This means knowing where to get the things that we need when we need

Home Decoration

How to Make a Fairy House Planter

Anything fairy-related seems to be a trend lately – from fairy lights, to fairy bottles, and fairy houses. There’s an app where people post their


DIY Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

Do you have an empty fire extinguisher at home or in the office? Are you wondering what to do with it? Stop yourself from throwing

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