Build your own laundry sorter with hanging rod

Now here’s a DIY laundry sorter project you can do if you want an improved and a more organized laundry room!

DIY Laundry Hamper with Hanging Rod

This laundry hamper comes with a hanging rod for shirts and pants. It also has a lid to hide the dirty clothes, which doubles as a surface for folding clean laundry on. The hampers are easy to remove when taking out dirty laundry or for when you need to wash them.

If you prefer a mobile unit, you can simply make some minor changes and add wheel casters to this design!

What do you think? Is this the perfect laundry sorter for you?

See the unit up close by viewing our gallery below and head over to the step-by-step tutorial linked below the album!

You’ll need these materials:

  • 2″x10″x8′ Board
  • 2 pcs 1″x4″x8′ Furring Strips
  • 32″ long 1″ diameter Dowel
  • 3 pcs 32″ long 3/8″ diameter Hardwood Dowels
  • 2 pcs each – 3″ Strap Hinges and 3″ Tee Hinges
  • 2 pcs 2″ Hooks & Eyes
  • 2″ and 1-1/2″ Wood Screws
  • 3/8″ Wood Plugs
  • Masking Tape
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Finish (of choice)
  • 6’x9′ Canvas Drop Cloth
  • 1/2 yard, 45″ wide Medium-Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing
  • Matching Thread

And these tools:

  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Brad Nailer
  • Cordless Drill and Right Angle Drill
  • Forstner Bits
  • Wood Clamps
  • Sewing Machine and other Sewing Essentials
  • Steam Iron


Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. 😎

You can get step-by-step instructions from Dani over at The Project Lady!


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