Building a Cool Plunge Pool with Pallets and an IBC in 6 Simple Steps

Above Ground Pallet and IBC Plunge Pool

Has the summer heat got you daydreaming of spending all day in a pool? You can go to a beach resort and do exactly that but it would most likely cost a lot of money. Also, a frequent trip would not be practical if you are working like the rest of us. Well, we found a great […]

Creative Wishing Well Burn Barrel from an Old Washing Machine

Wishing Well Burn Barrel from Old Washing Machine

But why buy an expensive, decorative fire pit for your yard when you can have something as impressive by upcycling an old (cheap) washing machine drum? Take a look at this wishing well burn barrel. There are few things better than gathering around a bonfire with friends and family, drinking wine, telling stories, and cozying up […]

Build your pampered feline an inexpensive cat tree with old drawers!

DIY Cat Tree

Cats are natural climbers and they love heights. They are able to climb cat trees and other structures with ease, and often enjoy spending time up high. This behaviour is instinctive for cats and helps them to escape predators or find a good vantage point. Cats are agile creatures that are equipped with sharp claws […]

Make an awesome skateboard swing for the kids!

Skateboard Swing

Swings are a timeless playground staple enjoyed by children and adults alike. They evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia and offer a fun way to get some fresh air and exercise. Swings can be enjoyed solo or with a friend, making them a great activity for both individual and group play. Do the kids want […]

How to Build an Awesome Rustic Cooler From an Old Fridge

Rustic Fridge Cooler

Now, this is the best DIY rustic cooler project to do when you need a ‘new’ one already. Why? Because it has a lot more features than all the other outdoor coolers out there! This DIY rustic cooler makes use of an old, non-working fridge and pallets, meaning it can be a very inexpensive project if you have […]

Creative Upcycled Tractor Seat Bar Stool in 5 Steps

Upcycled Tractor Seat Bar Stool

Are you a fan of industrial home design? Then here’s a furniture idea you’re going to like! Do you have an old tractor seat that you’re looking to repurpose? There are a few different ways that you can go about doing this such as upcycling one for a tractor seat bar stool. Yup, you guessed […]

Upcycling Made Easy: Create a Beautiful Pallet Planter Box in 6 Steps

Pallet Planter Box

Here’s another easy project that will bring more colour and life to your home! With just one day of DIY magic, you can create a unique pallet planter box that will become your yard’s show-stopping centrepiece. This easy DIY project is the perfect way to add some charm to your outdoor space. By simply drilling 2-inch holes […]

10 Creative Horseshoe Crafts You Shouldn’t Miss!

Horseshoe Crafts

Ever wonder what craft you can make with horseshoes? There are quite a few possibilities. From cute home items to handy garden tools, horseshoes can be used to create a variety of things. Not sure where to start? We think they are all pretty easy to do, too – if you have some experience with […]

Easy to build no-weld tire rim grill!

Every DIY enthusiast will tell you that a little creativity may save you a lot of money. For instance, making your own charcoal grill will definitely cut down on the cost of buying a new one. Especially if you use an old tire rim! There are several examples of tire rim grills out there, but this […]

Easy steps to build a compost bin from repurposed pallets!

DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Every gardener knows that compost is a garden’s most valuable asset. It’s a key ingredient in healthy soil, and it can help your plants thrive. Compost is made up of organic matter, like leaves and grass clippings, that have been broken down by bacteria and fungi. This process, called composting, is nature’s way of recycling. […]