Upcycled Horseshoes Ideas

Horseshoe Crafts

Ever thought about what you can make with horseshoes? Well, there are lots of ideas out there.  This list shows just some of the really adorable ones!

We think they are all pretty easy to DIY, too – if you have some experience with metalworking. 😉 So if you’ve been wanting to make something awesome out of horseshoes, then you just might find your perfect first project here…

What we love about all these ideas – aside from being cute and unique home decorations, is that they make great gifts. Most of them only require a few pieces. So if you have heaps of horseshoes, you can make several using any of these ideas for your friends and family!

What do you think? Which of these horseshoe crafts is going to be your next project?

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Horseshoe Fire Pit

Horseshoe Pumpkin

Horseshoe Boot Rack

Horseshoe Wine Holder

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Horseshoe Clock

Horseshoe Flower Yard Art

Horseshoe Butterfly Yard Art

Horseshoe Fairy Door

Horseshoe Wreath

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