DIY Diagonal Bookshelf

Making your own furniture brings a different level of satisfaction. Seeing the product of your effort and hard work is really something else. Here’s another project that will surely bring a smile to your face: a diagonal bookshelf. We love seeing the creative, charming, and interesting ways that readers integrate bookshelves into their homes. The […]

How to Build a Behind Sofa Table

The good thing about knowing how to DIY stuff is that you can easily build things that’ll make your life easier. Furniture, for example, are quite expensive when you buy them ready-made. But if you’re going to build one yourself, you save money and you can customize it any way you want. I saw a […]

How to Build a Giant Shoe Box

There are thousands of DIY projects out there but some turn out to be wildly popular. They’ve been shared on social media millions of times and people are raving about it. One particular project in mind is the giant shoe box. It’s so trendy that even celebrities have them. However, you need not spend a […]

Build Your Own Tripod Camping Stool

My family loves to go camping. Instead of going to theme parks, my kids would rather hike up a mountain. After about an hour or so, we reach this wide clearing with a gorgeous view. I, on one hand, have never really enjoyed camping before. However, I learned that the secret to enjoying it is […]

How to Build a Co-sleeper Crib

It appears that most parents with newborn babies prefer having a co-sleeper instead of the traditional four-walled crib. It allows them to stay close to their babies without having to actually put them on their beds. Co-sleepers give parents the rest and peace of mind that they need as they wouldn’t have to constantly get […]

How to Build an Octagon Picnic Table

We love get-togethers. It doesn’t matter whether they’re planned or spontaneous, we just love to be with family and friends. Before we moved to another city, a picnic park was just a couple of blocks away from home. The place was a sanctuary of greenery in the middle of a busy city. During sunny days, […]

DIY Sofa Arm Table

I enjoy having date nights at home. For practicality’s sake, a lot of couples would rather cook and watch Netflix. They’d stay home instead of going out for some fancy dinner. For me, it’s cost-friendly and more candid. While I was away on a business trip, my husband asked me if we could go on […]

How to Build Your Own Sunglass Rack

Sunglasses have become an essential part of our day-to-day must-haves. While it pays to stick to a classic design for everyday use, there are some of us who collect sunglasses. It’s fun to mix and match, pairing them up with our outfit for the day. The challenge with sunglasses, or with any other collection, for […]

How to Build Puzzle Coffee Table or Stool

  Since we were little, we have been exposed to various “brain” games. Among all the games my mother had introduced to us, my favorite is the Puzzle.  We used to have those really huge ones which would take us a month to finish. When I started to have a family of my own, I […]

Turn a Cable Spool into a Rocking Chair

Turn a discarded cable spool into this rustic piece of furniture!There was a cable spool that’s been sitting inside our garage for the longest time. It was taking a lot of floor space – space which we badly needed. I’ve nagged my husband about it but he wouldn’t budge. He didn’t want to throw it […]