How to Make a Plastic Bag Dispenser

No fuss plastic bag dispenser made out of a PVC pipe.
No fuss plastic bag dispenser made out of a PVC pipe.

Most households have a lot of plastic bags. It is always wise to re-use them to lessen its impact to the environment. But organizing them can be a challenge. There are those who meticulously fold them into small pieces but it can be time consuming.  Others stuff them inside old tissue boxes but the small space allows little storage.

Well, here’s a clever way to organize your plastic bags. It’s very easy to make and it doesn’t take up much space. Whether you mount it on your kitchen wall or wherever, it’s guaranteed to keep things organized. Read on and learn how to make a plastic bag dispenser.

The plastic bag dispenser doesn't take up too much space on your wall.
The plastic bag dispenser doesn’t take up too much space on your wall.

The beauty with DIY projects is that you can customize them according to your personal taste. You can paint the pipe so that it follows the theme of your room. You can even go crazy on the colors – it’s really up to you. The bottom line is, you have a finished product that’s functional and inexpensive.

You won’t need a lot of materials for this project plastic bag dispenser. This is simple and easy to make, it won’t even take you a day to finish.


  • 24″ piece of 3″ ABS Pipe
  •  an end cap
  •  a few scraps of wood for mounting
  • ABS cement
  • glue
  • spray paint


  • drill

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Thanks to gt_man002 for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here




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