Build a cool milk jug igloo for the kids!

Milk Jug Igloo
Build a milk jug igloo for the kids!

Milk jugs are an important part of the dairy industry. They are used to store and transport milk from dairy farms to processing facilities. Milk jugs are made of high-density polyethylene, which is a durable and food-safe material. But what happens to all those milk jugs once they’ve been used?

Many of them end up in landfills, where they can take centuries to decompose. That’s why it’s important to recycle milk jugs whenever possible. There are a few different ways to recycle milk jugs. One option is to recycle them through your local recycling center.

Another option is to upcycle them into something else, like a planter or a bird feeder, or a milk jug igloo for this particular DIY project. What a good idea for the kids to make use of all the plastic milk jugs we buy! This milk jug igloo is another kind of fort the little ones will enjoy. ?

The word “igloo” comes from the Inuit language, and it is often used to refer to any kind of shelter built in a cold climate. Igloos are built from blocks of snow, and they have a low, domed shape. Igloos are very effective at trapping heat, and they can be surprisingly comfortable to live in. Building one using milk jugs will be a fun activity.

This milk jug igloo recycling idea is commonly done as a students’ classroom activity/project. It not only provides lots of educational benefits to the children but is also a fun and engaging way to teach them about recycling and being environmentally friendly.

By upcycling milk jugs into an igloo, children can learn about the importance of recycling and reducing waste, while also gaining valuable hands-on experience in construction and design. They can use it as a playhouse or a reading nook. This project also teaches children about working together and cooperation, as it takes a group effort to build the igloo.

Milk Jug Igloo

Building a milk jug igloo may sound like a fun winter project, but it actually requires quite a bit of time and effort. You’ll need to collect around 500 empty plastic milk jugs in order to create a spacious igloo. While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds. Many grocery stores and schools are happy to donate their empty milk jugs to a good cause. Once you’ve collected all of the jugs you need, the next step is to start building! If you have access to lots of empty plastic milk jugs, then the kids can have an awesome igloo of their own in no time!

These structures are surprisingly sturdy and can be built using nothing more than a hot glue gun. To get started, simply gather a bunch of empty milk jugs (or any other type of plastic jug). You’ll want to clean and dry them thoroughly before beginning, as any residue on the jugs will make the glue less effective.
Once you have your materials, start by gluing two jugs together at the base. Continue adding jugs, working your way up and around in a spiral pattern.

Want to build a milk jug igloo with the kids? Learn more about it from the article by Hubpages linked below!

Do you know someone who will like this milk jug igloo idea?

You’ll need these materials:

  • Around 500 Milk Jugs
  • Cardboard Base
  • Around 80 Hot Glue Gun Sticks

And this tool:

  • Hot Glue Gun

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Thanks to HubPages for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here



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