Creating custom pebble mosaic stepping stones for your garden!

Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stones

Ever wanted to have a pebble mosaic stepping stone in your garden? This beautiful collection of Jeffrey Bale’s stepping stones will make you want to do this as your very next DIY project! There’s no doubt that these beautiful and detailed stepping stones require hard work. It includes tedious tasks and attention to detail, but anybody […]

From baby crib to toddler bed!

From baby crib to toddler bed!

Here’s a clever way to maximise the use of your child’s crib/cot as he or she transitions from being a baby to a toddler! Instead of giving away or selling that cot (or before converting it into a totally different kind of furniture piece), you can turn it into a toddler bed. It’s easy to do – […]

Hide your trash bin by building a tilt-out trash cabinet!

DIY Tilt Out Trash Cabinet

Can’t stand the unpleasant sight of your trash and recycle bins? Here’s an easy project you might want to tackle to fix it! Hide your trash bin by building a tilt-out trash cabinet. It’s an easy and simple woodworking project even new DIY-ers can do. It’s a great project especially for the kitchen to make the […]

Turn an old drum set into a unique chandelier for your home!

Got an old drum set that’s only collecting dust at home? Then why not give it a new purpose by turning it into an awesome chandelier! This upcycling idea is perfect for musicians and music lovers out there, who would love a musical theme for their interiors. Of course you can also do this project if you […]

Build your own shed with an old trampoline

Old trampoline turned shed

Need a strong and sturdy shed that you can also take down in the future if you need to? Get an old trampoline frame to build one! An old trampoline considered unsafe for playing or exercising can still serve several other great purposes! These include great chicken coops, garden trellising and, as shown here, as a frame […]

Old Entertainment Center Turned Kids Armoire

Entertainment Center Kids Armoire

Here’s a nice idea for the kids – an old entertainment center turned into a dress up closet! We’ve already featured a DIY play kitchen out of an old entertainment center, but this is a repurposing project you can do if your youngsters enjoy dressing up more than cooking! All you have to do with your old entertainment center […]

Build a chicken coop with a green roof!

Here’s a brilliant project those of you who raise backyard chickens… a green roof for your chicken coop! It seems like there’s always enough space for all the things we want to grow in our backyard after all! Even if you already have chickens dominating a large part of your yard, you can still add more […]

Build a milk jug igloo for the kids!

Milk Jug Igloo

What a good idea for the kids to make use of all the plastic milk jugs we buy! This milk jug igloo is another kind of fort the little ones will enjoy. ? This recycling idea is commonly done as a students’ classroom activity/project which provides lots of educational benefits to the children. They can […]

Build your own cozy outdoor cabana lounge!

DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge

Got a beautiful garden that’s ideal for spending downtime but don’t have the furniture to complement it? Perhaps this outdoor cabana lounge would be a perfect fit! This little DIY backyard lounge is especially perfect for those who love going to the beach since the structure resembles a cabana/palapa. Measuring 8 ft long, the deck fits a queen size […]

Build your own bed with storage using bookcases

DIY Bookshelf Bed

Want a bed with storage that’s also quick and easy to assemble? Then this inexpensive idea just might be what you are looking for… Using bookcases as a bed frame is one easy way to build a bed with storage. You can look at old bookcases sold in thrift stores, however this can be a bit challenging to find one […]