How To Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Mix up the stucco mix and add whatever color you like. Trowel it onto the outside of the blocks. Don’t put it on the counter top. Go and select what tile you will use. DIYBackyardBBQ31

Select what tile you will use and get a tile cutter. Mix up the tile glue. DIYBackyardBBQ29

Trowel on the glue and apply tile to counter tops and short backsplash area between the upper and lower counters in the front. DIYBackyardBBQ30

We applied the edge tiles first, then put in the tiles around the perimeter on the top. Then we laid the centre tiles diagonally. Once that is all laid install the sink and side burner.


Create trim around it from steel if desired. test fit you barbecue. DIYBackyardBBQ34DIYBackyardBBQ32

Use whatever wood is available to you for doors. We used some wood that we got for free from a pallet for the doors to get that slightly rustic rough sawn look. We used some antique looking hinges and handles to further this effect. DIYBackyardBBQ35 DIYBackyardBBQ36

We decided to go with a more open style roof. Stain the wood to match trhe rest of the barbecue. use a template to get the end cut right.DIYBackyardBBQ40

Run all electrical up to a box on the post. Use wet location switches and outlets.DIYBackyardBBQ38DIYBackyardBBQ37

Paint the pipe to match the stain of the wood. Install at least four lights to make grilling at night possible.DIYBackyardBBQ39

Backfill this area with dirt to cover the dry well and drain pipes, and either cover with pavers or use cement. We have since poured new concrete around the barbecue, and have used it a lot. Especially in the heat wave that we’ve been having lately here in SoCal. It has worked out great for us.DIYBackyardBBQ02

Thank you hivoltage for this beautiful project!

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