How To Build an Outdoor Kitchen

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Create a form to pour the lower counter top surface. Before pouring get your electrical and water lines to where they need to go, and make sure everything is good BEFORE pouring the concrete. DIYBackyardBBQ16

Make sure the forms are well braced, and won’t bow with the concrete’s weight. Also make sure to take counter overhang into account. Try to get air bubbles and pockets out, but it isn’t terribly important because it will be covered with tile later. DIYBackyardBBQ17

Make sure to use plenty of rebar.


Extra rebar sticking out of the blocks can just be bent over to be cemented into the countertop.

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Create a form for the upper counter top. Because it overhangs the barbecue by a few feet, it is a good idea to brace it. This may be slight overkill, but better safe than sorry. Create brace forms out of wood, we made 3. DIYBackyardBBQ24 DIYBackyardBBQ25

Attach them to the side of the barbecue and pour them first. Make sure to add rebar to them before they dry. These braces will stick up through the bottom of the counter top form. DIYBackyardBBQ26

Create that form from wood . Ours overhangs by about a foot. Make sure this is very well supported and contains rebar. DIYBackyardBBQ27

Mix concrete and pour into the mold. make sure it is thoroughly set for a few days before even attempting to remove the form. DIYBackyardBBQ28

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