Organizer your laundry area by building this easy laundry basket dresser!

Laundry Basket Dresser

Not satisfied with how your current laundry area looks? If you say yes, then this simple idea might be the solution you need which makes any laundry area more organized! This DIY laundry basket dresser will keep everybody’s dirty clothes hidden, and already grouped so they are easier to deal with on laundry days. It’s the perfect […]

Build a space-saving wall mounted drying rack for your laundry

Wall Mounted Drying Rack

Not enough space for drying all the laundry? Then make some by mounting a DIY drying rack on your wall! Some clothes are not meant to be put in the dryer and it’s not always convenient to hang them outside! Sure there are lots of drying racks available. But they take up floor space and need […]

Build your own laundry sorter with hanging rod

DIY Laundry Hamper with Hanging Rod

Now here’s a DIY laundry sorter project you can do if you want an improved and a more organized laundry room! This laundry hamper comes with a hanging rod for shirts and pants. It also has a lid to hide the dirty clothes, which doubles as a surface for folding clean laundry on. The hampers are easy to […]

Unshrink Your Clothes!

Ever had one of those moments when you thought you suddenly got bigger that your shirt doesn’t fit anymore? Then you realize it was just the clothing that shrunk. It’s quite frustrating especially if it’s one of the best outfits you have… and you’ve only worn it a few times. Well it doesn’t have to “rot” in […]

Build Yourself a Boot Dryer!

Youn should never wear wet boots. When water seeps through your footwear, your skin absorbs the water. This can cause your feet to become waterlogged, cold, and wrinkly. The longer your feet are wet, the greater the damage to your skin. The painful consequences can include the formation of blisters and deep cracks. So how […]

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