DIY Woodcraft 101: Frugal and Stylish Toothbrush Holder Tutorial

There's always something a DIY-er can do, even if you're not looking!

Build a Toothbrush Holder From Scrap Wood.

Were you aware that scrap wood holds a remarkable potential for a variety of projects? The versatility of scrap wood is truly astonishing, offering numerous possibilities for both creating entirely new items and repurposing existing materials.

Whether your aim is to craft functional elements such as shelves and tables or to add an artistic touch to your space with decorative items like wall art and picture frames, scrap wood emerges as an excellent and multifaceted option.

The potential is truly limitless. What’s even more advantageous is that repurposing scrap wood offers an excellent opportunity to both cut costs and contribute to sustainability.

If you find yourself with surplus scrap wood, resist the urge to dispose of it casually. Instead, tap into your creativity and explore the myriad possibilities of crafting something meaningful and environmentally conscious with those overlooked materials.

This DIY toothbrush plans from scrap wood has no-fuss plans and is generally just easy to make.
This DIY toothbrush holder from scrap wood is generally easy to make.

One weekend, my husband and I were having our second cup of coffee when he suddenly stood up. Surprised, I asked him where he was going halfway through his drink. He said he’s making a toothbrush holder. I was confused as to why he would need to make a toothbrush holder when we already had one, but I didn’t say anything and just watched him leave the room.

After a short pause, he came back brandishing a drill and holding a piece of wood. My confusion intensified, prompting me to inquire once again about his intentions. With a sparkle of enthusiasm in his eyes, he went on to elucidate that he had come across an image of a distinctive toothbrush holder online that had captured his interest.

Motivated by the design, he chose to seize the initiative and create a customized rendition for us. A chuckle escaped me as he walked in, proudly displaying his handiwork. After hours of scouring for the ideal toothbrush holder, he had ultimately discovered one — and it came at no cost.

He had made it himself out of wood he had found lying around. It was genuinely impressive to witness what he crafted with such scarce resources. His ingenuity is among the qualities I hold in the highest regard.

If you have scrap wood, this is a great project to work on. You can make several and then wrap them nicely, and give them out as presents. You could even stencil in names to make the gift more personalized. Not only is this a great way to repurpose wood, but it’s a thoughtful present that is sure to be appreciated.

How to Make a DIY Toothbrush Holder From Scrap Wood

In this part, explore crafting a practical and stylish toothbrush holder using scrap wood. Whether you possess extensive experience in woodworking or are a beginner filled with enthusiasm to commence a new project, this tutorial presents a cost-effective solution for organizing your bathroom essentials.

Prepare to collect all the necessary materials and tools to get started.


  • Scrap wood
  • Wood glue
  • Finish


  • Table saw
  • Cordless drill with a 1-inch drill bit
  • Planer
  • Sander


The success of your DIY project relies on the types of wood scraps you possess. For those with thicker wood scraps, crafting a toothbrush holder involves drilling holes on one side of the cleaned wood scrap. Before the drilling process, it is necessary to prepare the wood scrap by planning and sanding it down to achieve a smooth surface.

If you have thinner wood scraps, you can make a box out of them. You can start by cutting equal pieces of wood scraps. But clean them first; if they need to be sanded, sand them for a smoother surface. Once you have all your pieces cut, you can start assembling your box.

Drill holes on the upper surface of the box to accommodate your toothbrush and toothpaste. Ensure the holes are sufficiently large to allow easy access to the toothpaste, simplifying your morning routine.

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The video below will show you how to build a toothbrush holder from scrap wood.

DIY Toothbrush Holder Ideas

1. Minimalist Block Holder

Stack and glue together simple rectangular blocks of wood to create a minimalist, modular toothbrush holder. Choose a type of wood that suits your aesthetic preferences and fits well with your bathroom decor. Oak, pine, or bamboo are popular choices for their natural and timeless appeal.

2. Driftwood Organizer

If you have pieces of driftwood, arrange them in an artistic manner, securing the toothbrushes in natural crevices. Look for interesting shapes and sizes, as well as those with natural crevices and knots that can serve as convenient toothbrush holders.

3. Rustic Mason Jar Holder

Attach mason jars to a piece of scrap wood to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. This adds a rustic and functional touch. This DIY project not only brings a rustic touch to your bathroom but also provides a practical solution for keeping your dental essentials organized.

4. Branch and Log Design

Use a larger branch or log as the main support, carving out sections for individual toothbrushes. This hands-on DIY project merges functionality with a natural aesthetic, adding a distinctive element to your bathroom decor.

5. Geometric Wall-Mounted Holder

Cut scrap wood into geometric shapes (squares, triangles, hexagons) and arrange them on the wall to create a visually interesting, wall-mounted toothbrush holder. This DIY project not only provides a functional storage solution for your toothbrushes but also transforms your bathroom wall into a dynamic focal point.

The Wrap Up: The Budget-Friendly Guide

Transform your bathroom routine with the DIY toothbrush holder made from scrap wood. Embark on an affordable journey into the realms of creativity and craftsmanship as you delve into creating your own stylish toothbrush holder.

This guide not only leads you through each step but also invites a touch of individual creativity, enabling you to display your distinct style. Unleash your inner artisan by harmoniously combining thriftiness and aesthetics, transforming a basic woodworking project into a practical and visually appealing addition to your everyday routine.



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