Inexpensive DIY Fire Pit: Using 3 Concrete Rings

DIY Fire Pit: Using Concrete Tree Rings
DIY Fire Pit: Using Concrete Tree Rings

If you love spending time around an evening fire with friends and family, but don’t have a fire pit, there’s no need to spend a fortune on a pre-made fire pit or hire a contractor. All you need are concrete tree rings, a small Weber grill, and a few hours any weekend to build a DIY fire pit.

With this simple DIY fire pit project, you can easily create a beautiful and functional fire pit that will be the perfect centrepiece for your outdoor gatherings. So gather up your materials, and get ready to enjoy many evenings spent around your very own DIY fire pit.

Aside from being inexpensive, this DIY fire pit is also easy to relocate. You can take it down and move it to a different spot without any trouble or cost, making it a great option for those who want to enjoy a fire pit without the hassle of a permanent installation.

Would you like to gather around this fire pit with your family and friends?


  • Weber Smokey Joe Portable charcoal grill or equivalent 14″ diameter grill. ($30 new)
  • 4 sections of 14″ inside diameter concrete tree ring ($2 to $3 each = $8 to $12 total)
  • 6 sections of 24″ inside diameter concrete tree ring ($2 to $3 each = $12 to $18 total)
  • Small stones, pebbles, and road gravel in your area to fill up the gap between the two rings
  • Total cost $50 to $60.

Decide where you want to put the fire pit. You can place it on concrete (which is easier), but of course, you can also have it on the grass. If you do want to put it on grass, you might want to spray the area with some grass and weed killer so that they won’t grow up into the fire pit.

Now we are going to set up the bigger tree rings first. This is because the total height of the smaller rings is shorter than the larger ones. Later on, what I’m saying will make more sense.

Put two pieces flat on the ground forming a circle. Then turn the other two pieces upside down, and place them on top of the circle, so that their ridged edges are interlocking. Place these upside-down pieces so that half of it is resting on half of the lower ring and its other half on the other ring.

Fill the ground inside your circle with some stones. I mentioned a while ago that the smaller rings are shorter, so this is to have your inner ring level with the outer ring. Now try to put the small tree rings inside. Do the same steps you did stacking the outer tree rings. Remove or add some stones until the two circles are of the same height.

Fill the gap between two circles with more stones and pebbles.

I believe not all Home Depots in the world have tree rings like these. So if you happen to find tree rings or other materials to build your pit with, that are of the same height, it would be wiser to stack the smaller rings first before the big ones.

Now you are ready to install the Weber grill but first, unscrew the legs.

On a 14-inch diameter, the Weber grill should fit perfectly. Now you are ready to use it!

One reminder though: When you have started the fire already, it will be difficult and dangerous for you to adjust the lower air vent of the grill. So don’t forget to adjust it beforehand.

Now, where are the marshmallows and hotdogs?

Thanks to dewey302 for this original idea.



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