Decorative Spinning Spice Rack in 9 Easy Steps

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Here's a great way to organize bottles of dried herbs and spices...

A spinning spice rack a great way to organize bottles of dried herbs and spices

Cabinets make it easy for us to keep the contents of a room in order. The kitchen, for example, has a lot going on. There are utensils, cutting boards, cookware, storage containers, and many more. If you’re not good at organizing, it could be a bit of a hunt. But with cabinets, we can easily store everything away and organize it when needed.

Cabinets are one of those things in life that we just can’t live without. They help to organize our homes and office spaces and make our lives a whole lot easier. But, let’s be honest, they don’t always work the way we want them to. Thankfully, there are a few hacks that can help make our cabinets work better for us.

I realized that the back part of the cabinet is very hard to reach. If you’re anything like me who’s quite ‘vertically challenged,’ you’ll understand what I’m saying. We have a kitchen cabinet filled with various bottles of dried herbs and spices. I always have to get a stool to reach the back of the cabinet, and even then it’s a bit of a stretch. I’ve tried to organize the bottles so that the ones I use most often are in the front, but it’s still a pain. I’ve been thinking about ways to make the back of the cabinet more accessible.

My husband organized the spices in the cabinet all lined up. I need a stool to be able to inspect each one and see their labels. Inspecting each spice is like a treasure hunt for me. I get excited to see what new spices my husband has found. It was when I nearly fell off the stool that my husband decided to make some changes.

With this DIY spinning spice rack, your spices are easy to read and reach!
With this DIY spinning spice rack, your spices are easy to read and reach!

He had been meaning to make some changes around the house for a while now and one of those changes meant building a spinning spice rack. He had seen a tutorial video online and thought it was just what he needed. It involved a lot of woodwork but nothing that was too complicated.

Plus, it would be a great way to show off the spices and make cooking that much easier. He got to work right away and within a few hours, he had the rack built and ready to go. He was so proud of himself and couldn’t wait to use it the next time I cooked. It was a great addition to the kitchen and made cooking even more enjoyable.

Building a Spinning Spice Rack


  • Wooden board
  • Wood glue
  • Large dowel rod
  • Lazy susan bearing
  • Screws
  • Shellac
  • Rubber bumpers


  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Ruler
  • Bandsaw circle cutting jig
  • Drill guide
  • Thumb tacks
  • Drill press
  • Dremel router
  • Sanding disc
  • Clamps
  • 220-grit sandpaper


  1. Design and Measurements:
    • Use the measuring tape and pencil to mark your wooden board for the desired size of your spice rack.
    • Plan the number of shelves and the spacing between them based on your spice containers.
  2. Cutting the Wood:
    • With a circular saw, cut the wooden board to your marked measurements.
    • Use a bandsaw circle cutting jig to create circular shelves if desired.
  3. Preparing the Dowel Rod:
    • Measure and cut the large dowel rod. This will serve as the central support for the spice rack.
  4. Assembling the Rack:
    • Drill holes in the center of each shelf and the dowel rod using a drill press and drill guide.
    • Apply wood glue to the ends of the dowel rod and attach the shelves, securing them with clamps until the glue dries.
  5. Installing the Lazy Susan Bearing:
    • Attach the Lazy Susan bearing to the bottom of the lowest shelf using screws.
    • Ensure that it’s centered to maintain balance.
  6. Sanding and Finishing:
    • Use a sanding disc and 220-grit sandpaper to smooth all surfaces.
    • Apply shellac evenly for a finished look.
  7. Adding Final Touches:
    • Attach rubber bumpers to the bottom of the rack to prevent slipping.
    • Add thumbtacks or small hooks to hang measuring spoons or other small kitchen tools.
  8. Final Assembly:
    • Once all parts are dry and finished, assemble the rack by attaching the Lazy Susan bearing to the base.
  9. Testing the Rack:
    • Test the spinning function to ensure it rotates smoothly.
    • Make any necessary adjustments.

Design Variations of Spinning Spice Racks

Spinning spice racks are not just functional; they can also be stylish in your kitchen. With various designs available, you can find one that perfectly fits your space and aesthetic. Here are some popular design variations.

Classic Wooden Racks

Classic Wooden Racks are popular for many kitchens due to their timeless appeal. Crafted from durable woods such as pine, oak, or bamboo, these racks add a touch of warmth and nature to your cooking space. The natural grain patterns in the wood offer a unique aesthetic that synthetic materials can’t replicate.

The versatility of wooden racks is notable. You can choose a finish that complements your kitchen’s existing decor. A light stain on an oak rack can enhance the cozy ambiance for a rustic or country-style kitchen. A dark stain or a painted finish on a bamboo rack can create a sleek, contemporary look in more modern settings.

These wooden racks are not just about looks but also about functionality. Their sturdy construction ensures durability and longevity. With proper care, a classic wooden spinning spice rack can be a lasting and cherished part of your kitchen.

Modern Metal Racks

Modern Metal Racks cater to the aesthetic of contemporary kitchens with their sleek and clean lines. These racks, typically crafted from high-quality stainless steel or chrome, exude modern sophistication. The reflective surfaces of these materials not only add a touch of elegance but also help to brighten up the kitchen space.

The design of these metal racks often leans towards minimalism, emphasizing functionality without compromising on style. They come in various shapes and sizes, from compact models that save valuable counter space to more significant, statement pieces that can hold an extensive collection of spices.

For those who favor a cutting-edge look, some metal racks incorporate futuristic elements in their design. These might include innovative shapes, such as spiral or abstract forms, and additional features like LED lighting to enhance the visual appeal and functionality.

Metal spinning spice racks are also celebrated for their durability. Stainless steel and chrome are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, making them practical choices for a busy kitchen. Their timeless design ensures they remain a stylish and functional part of your kitchen for years.

Compact Counter-top Designs

Compact countertop designs are a perfect solution for smaller kitchens where space is a premium. These spinning spice racks are designed to occupy minimal counter space while maximizing storage capacity. Their compact nature does not compromise their functionality or style.

Many of these racks feature tiered designs. This vertical stacking allows for easy access to numerous spices without spreading horizontally. It’s an efficient use of space, ensuring that even the smallest kitchens can accommodate a variety of spices.

The materials used in compact countertop designs vary, offering flexibility to match any kitchen decor. Wooden racks bring a classic, natural feel, plastic racks offer durability, and a more casual look, and metal racks provide a sleek, modern appearance.

Moreover, these compact racks are often designed with the user in mind. They can rotate or have pull-out tiers for easy access, making them both space-savers and highly practical. Their adaptability to different styles and functionality makes them popular for those with limited kitchen space.

Each design variation of spinning spice racks offers its unique benefits. Choosing the right one depends on your kitchen’s size, style, and preferences.

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Comparing Store-Bought vs. DIY Spinning Spice Racks

Spinning spice racks are a popular choice when it comes to organizing spices. However, deciding between a store-bought version and a DIY project can be challenging. Here’s a comparison to help you choose the right option for your kitchen.

Store-Bought Spinning Spice Racks



Store-bought spinning spice racks offer unparalleled convenience. They are ready to use immediately after purchase, eliminating the need for assembly or additional preparation. This is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a quick, hassle-free solution to spice organization.

Quality Assurance

When you purchase a rack from a store, it often comes with quality assurance through warranties or guarantees. This aspect provides peace of mind, as defects or issues can usually be addressed through customer support or product replacement. It ensures that your investment is protected.


One of the most significant advantages of store-bought racks is the variety available. Retailers offer an array of choices in terms of materials, sizes, and designs. 

Whether you’re looking for a compact plastic rack for a small kitchen or a large, elegant wooden piece to make a statement, a product will likely meet your needs. This variety allows you to find a rack that serves its purpose and complements your kitchen’s decor and style.



One of the main disadvantages of store-bought spinning spice racks is their cost. These racks can be significantly more expensive than a DIY project. The price often reflects factors like brand reputation, material quality, and design complexity. The cost can be a limiting factor for those on a tight budget, especially when considering large or more elaborate designs.

Limited Customization

While store-bought racks offer a variety of designs, they lack the level of customization that a DIY project can provide. You are restricted to the designs that manufacturers offer. This limitation can be a drawback for those with specific requirements or unique kitchen spaces. 

For example, if you have an unusually shaped kitchen area or a specific aesthetic in mind, finding a store-bought rack that fits your exact needs can be challenging. DIY projects, in contrast, allow for complete control over every aspect of the design, from size and shape to material and color.

DIY Spinning Spice Racks



The most significant advantage of a DIY spinning spice rack is the ability to customize it to your exact specifications. You can tailor the size, shape, and style to fit your kitchen space perfectly and match your decor. 

Whether you need a small rack for a tight space or want a specific color or wood finish, DIY projects allow for complete personalization. This level of customization ensures that your spice rack is not just functional but also a unique addition to your kitchen.


Building your spinning spice rack can be more cost-effective than buying one. If you already have materials like wood, screws, or paint, the cost can be significantly lower. 

Even if you need to purchase some materials, the total cost can still be less than a store-bought rack, especially for higher-end models. DIY projects also provide the opportunity to repurpose or recycle materials, adding to the cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness of the project.


There is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands. Completing a DIY spinning spice rack project can be a fulfilling experience. It’s not just about the finished product; it’s about the skills you develop, the creativity you express, and the personal accomplishment you feel. This emotional reward cannot be bought and adds an intangible value to the DIY route.

Environmental Friendliness

DIY spinning spice racks often have the advantage of being more environmentally friendly. You can reduce the environmental impact by choosing recycled or sustainably sourced materials. This approach allows for repurposing old wood or other materials, giving them a new life as a functional part of your kitchen. Additionally, DIY projects typically involve less packaging and transportation than store-bought items, further reducing the ecological footprint.


Time and Skill Required

One of the significant challenges of a DIY spinning spice rack is the investment of time and skill required. Unlike store-bought options, a DIY project is not a quick solution. It involves planning, measuring, cutting, assembling, and finishing, which can be time-consuming. 

The project also requires a certain skill level in woodworking, painting, or staining. For those not experienced with such tasks, the process can be daunting, require a steep learning curve, or even result in multiple attempts before achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Quality Variability

The quality of a DIY spinning spice rack heavily depends on the maker’s craftsmanship. While this can be an advantage for skilled crafters, it can be a drawback for beginners or those with limited experience in DIY projects. 

The final product may be imperfect or less durable than a professionally made rack. Consistency in quality is also a factor; each rack might differ if you’re making more than one. This variability in quality can affect the rack’s aesthetics and functionality, impacting its overall effectiveness in organizing spices efficiently.

FAQ for Spinning Spice Rack

What is a spinning spice rack?

A spinning spice rack is a kitchen storage solution that allows easy spice access. It rotates, making it simple to find and reach different spices.

Why should I choose a spinning spice rack over a traditional one?

Spinning spice racks offer better visibility and accessibility. They are ideal for kitchens with limited space and those who frequently use various spices.

Can I make a spinning spice rack at home?

Yes, you can create a DIY spinning spice rack. It requires some basic materials and tools. This project is great for adding a personal touch to your kitchen.

What materials do I need for a DIY spinning spice rack?

For a DIY spinning spice rack, you’ll need a wooden board, wood glue, a large dowel rod, a Lazy Susan bearing, screws, shellac, and rubber bumpers.

How much space does a spinning spice rack require?

The space required depends on the size of the rack. Compact countertop designs are available for smaller kitchens.

Are spinning spice racks customizable?

Yes, especially if you’re making a DIY spinning spice rack. You can choose the size, material, and design to fit your kitchen’s decor.

How do I maintain my spinning spice rack?

For maintenance, dust it regularly. If it’s made of wood, you might occasionally need to reapply a protective finish.

Can spinning spice racks hold large spice bottles?

Most spinning spice racks are designed to accommodate standard spice bottles. If you have larger bottles, consider a custom DIY rack.

Where can I buy a spinning spice rack?

Spinning spice racks are available at home goods stores, online retailers, and kitchen specialty stores.

Is a spinning spice rack a good gift idea?

Yes, a spinning spice rack is a thoughtful and practical gift for anyone who enjoys cooking and values kitchen organization.


If you love to cook, you know that having easy access to your spices is necessary. And what’s more convenient than having a spinning spice rack at your fingertips? You can easily make your spinning spice rack with just a few supplies and a little time.

Not only is this rack super convenient, but it also looks great in your kitchen. Your friends and family will be impressed by your spice organization. So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and get started on your very own spinning spice rack today.

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