14 Old T-Shirt Projects

Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by teamobn

We didn’t think that old and worn out shirts could turn into beautiful totally different things! Most of us recycle shirts into rags. But if it still looks too good to be rags, what else can we do with them?

Scroll down to see some ideas you might want to try with your old shirts. Just don’t enjoy them so much that you start cutting up your new clothes! :)

They can be used to dress up your bangles. (from Family Chic)Recycled Shirts


How about a tote bag from the shirts with holes? (from Delia Creates)Recycled Shirts


Cut and restitch a shirt to make a scarf. (from WienerDog Tricks)Recycled Shirts


Create a stylish headband for the girls. (from Lovestitched)Recycled Shirts


This rug looks like an expensive new one. (from Xoelle)Recycled Shirts


This is an elegant accessory which can also help you stay warm during the winter. (from Whole Living)Recycled Shirts


Who would think she’s wearing two shirts? (from Out of OrderRecycled Shirts



This colourful placemat would be cute for parties. (from Creative Jewish Mom)Recycled Shirts


You can turn them into yarns for later projects. (from Releve Design)Recycled Shirts


Revampr big clothes into sexy tops. (from cut out + keep)Recycled Shirts


Turn one of your old favourite shirt into a pillowcase. (from HGTV)Recycled Shirts


A new type of clothing from an old shirt. (from Wobisobi)Recycled Shirts


Even your babies’ shirt can be recycled to create a canvas art (view tutorial here)Recycled Shirts


You might also be interested in making tie-dye shirts out of your white shirtsHow to Tie Dye a White Shirt


Which one would you like to try first?




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