DIY Mason Jar Leather Sleeve and Handle – A cool way to give your mason jar a new face!

Bored of the old mason jar? Give it a facelift with a leather sleeve and handle!
Bored of the old mason jar? Give it a facelift with a leather sleeve and handle!

Mason jars are a versatile and popular choice for canning and storage. They come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for everything from jams and jellies to soups and stews. They are also popular for decorative purposes and can be found in a variety of colours and styles.

Two months ago, I won a dozen mason jars in a raffle at my son’s school. It was a coveted prize that was very popular among mothers like me. However, I have never really fancied mason jars so I just stashed them away in our stock room. I thought they were bulky and heavy. The absence of a handle – at least from the jars that I won – made it less appealing to me.

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One day, while I was cleaning, I stumbled across a few mason jars. Seeing how they had been gathering dust, I decided that I better put them to good use. So I fired up my computer and searched for ways to use mason jars. I found a few interesting ideas, including using them as vases, storage containers, or even drinking glasses. With a little bit of creativity, mason jars can be turned into all sorts of useful things.

Who knew a mason jar can look this sleek, classy, and sophisticated?
Who knew a mason jar can look this sleek, classy, and sophisticated with this leather sleeve and handle?

I found a great DIY project online that gave my mason jars a leather sleeve and handle. The project was simple and only took a few minutes, but it made a big difference in the overall look of the jars. They now have a much more polished and classy appearance.

If you’re a fan of mason jars, you’re going to love these leather sleeves and handles. They’re a great way to add a bit of personality to your jars, and they’re also very practical. The leather is durable and will help to keep your jars from slipping out of your hands.

Materials you will need for this leather sleeve and handle for your mason jar project:

  • Heavy-duty leather
  • Snap fasteners
  • Waxed cord


  • Leather punch
  • X-acto knife (but a very sharp universal cutter would do)
  • L-Square (to help you achieve the perfect rectangle for your leather sleeve)
  • Setter tool or snaptool
  • Hammer

Steps to make your own mason jar leather sleeve and handle:

Well, gathering all the needed materials and tools for this project should be the first step. Next, to make a leather sleeve for your mason jar, first, measure the diameter of the jar. This will be the length of the leather sleeve. You can measure the jar by rolling it in the leather, or by using a tape measure to measure the outside of the jar and add an inch for the margin.

To ensure your leather sleeve has a perfect rectangle shape, use the L square. This will give your sleeve a clean, polished look. Be sure to measure the length and width of your sleeve, and mark the dimensions on the L square. Then, cut along the lines you’ve drawn to create a perfect rectangle.

Once you have cut along the leather handle, you will need to make sure that it is not too big or too small for the user. If it is too big, it will be difficult for the user to grip and hold onto the jar. If it is too small, the jar may be uncomfortable to use.

To install the snap fasteners, first use the snap tool to make holes in the overlapped leather parts, as well as at each end of the handle. Then insert the snap fastener through the holes and secure them in place. This will join the leather sleeve and handles together. Finally, enjoy a cup of coffee!

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