Perfect Fire Pit Cooking Grill in 7 Effortless Steps

Fire Pit with Cooking Grill
Build a fire pit with a cooking grill in your backyard.

In the summer, a lot of people relish the opportunity to engage in outdoor cooking and partake in activities with their family and friends. Grilling and having picnics serve as wonderful means to bask in the pleasant weather, and immersing oneself in outdoor moments provides an excellent avenue for relaxation and unwinding.

A fire pit cooking grill presents an ideal opportunity to make the most of the freshest ingredients and produce. Grilling enhances the natural flavours of food, and having a picnic provides a delightful way to relish a meal in a scenic setting. Additionally, it offers an excellent chance to engage in physical activity and savour the fresh outdoor air.

And during winter, most of us love to have a fire pit to lengthen the time to stay outside. Well, this project is perfect for those with limited backyard space – a fire pit during the winter and a fire pit cooking grill during the summer!

Crafting a fire pit with an integrated fire pit cooking grill serves as an ingenious method to enhance the utility of a petite backyard. Establishing a modest fire pit with a built-in grill system allows you to relish the perks of a campfire without occupying excessive space. Furthermore, it provides the convenience of cooking delightful meals directly at your fire pit.

When installing a fire pit, it is important to consider what kind of grill system you will use. Swivel-type grill systems are available and easy to install. You can simply hammer its pole into the ground so that you can reposition it if needed. Or you can have it inserted in the concrete fire pit wall. Whichever installation method you choose, a swivel-type grill system is a great way to ensure that your fire pit is safe and functional.

There are also other variations for a fire pit with a fire pit cooking grill. If you love recycling or are into projects involving steel, then there are versions of this that are perfect for you! For the recycling enthusiasts out there, consider a fire pit made from recycled steel drums.

These serve as excellent conversation pieces and are guaranteed to be a success at your upcoming backyard gathering! For a more ambitious undertaking, contemplate constructing a fire pit entirely from scratch. This provides an excellent opportunity to infuse a personal touch into your outdoor space and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Fire Pit with Cooking Grill

In the realm of outdoor entertaining, there’s nothing quite as charming as a classic cookout. Gathering around a crackling fire pit adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Not only do fire pits serve as a captivating centrepiece for any backyard gathering, but they also prove to be practical for preparing your preferred grilled dishes.

Considering the addition of a fire pit to your backyard? Take a look at our collection featuring various examples, ranging from simple and rustic to modern and chic. We have an abundance of inspiration to kickstart your project. So, why wait?

Now since building one using landscape bricks is easy and we already featured heaps of tutorials for a simple fire pit (such as Cement Landscape Blocks, Brick Fire Pit, and this Fire Pit How-To), we’re providing one that uses steel which is linked below. đŸ™‚

Is this the right fire pit and fire pit cooking grill for your backyard?

Building the Perfect Fire Pit Cooking Grill

There’s something magical about the crackle of a well-lit fire, the warmth it imparts, and the primal allure of cooking amidst its dancing flames. Embark on a venture to turn your outdoor space into a culinary sanctuary, where the enticing sizzle of the grill harmonizes with the natural symphony around you.

It goes beyond simply constructing a fire pit cooking grill; it involves creating an experience, a space that brings friends and family together, turning the act of cooking into an art form.


  • Landscape Blocks or Metal Ring Base
  • Fire Pit
  • Grill Grate
  • Metal Rod


  • Level
  • Shovel
  • Rubber mallet

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Step 1: Choose the Location

Select a suitable location for your fire pit. Ensure it’s away from flammable materials, has proper ventilation, and complies with local safety regulations. Clear the area of debris and level the ground if needed.

Step 2: Build the Base

  • If using landscape blocks:
    • Arrange the blocks in a circular pattern to form the base of your fire pit.
    • Stagger the blocks to create stability.
    • Use a level to ensure the blocks are even and stable.
  • If using a metal ring base:
    • Assemble the metal ring base according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • Place it in the chosen location.

Step 3: Install the Fire Pit

Place the fire pit in the centre of the constructed base. Ensure it fits securely and is level. If using a metal ring base, integrate the fire pit according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Step 4: Attach the Grill Grate

Position the grill grate over the fire pit. Many grates come with adjustable features; to ensure it is at a comfortable cooking height. Securely attach it to the fire pit or base.

Step 5: Secure the Metal Rods

Attach metal rods on either side of the fire pit to serve as support for cooking utensils. These rods can also adjust the distance between the flame and the food. Secure them firmly to ensure stability.

Step 6: Test and Adjust

Before cooking, conduct a test burn to ensure the entire setup is secure and functions as intended. Adjust the height of the grill grate if needed, and make any final tweaks to ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking experience.

Thanks to The Smoke Ring for sharing insights into this fire pit cooking grill project.

Accessorizing Your Fire Pit Cooking Grill

Enhancing your fire pit cooking grill with the right accessories can elevate your outdoor cooking experience. From tools that make cooking easier to add-ons that boost functionality, accessorizing your setup allows you to customize your grilling sessions to suit any occasion.

Adjustable Grill Grates

An adjustable grill grate is essential for a fire pit cooking grill. It allows you to control the distance between your food and the fire. It also gives you the ability to manage cooking temperatures more effectively. Look for grates that are easy to adjust and can lock into place for stability.

Grill Covers

Protect your fire pit cooking grill when it’s not in use with a durable grill cover. These covers shield your grill from the elements, such as rain, snow, and excessive sunlight, which can cause wear and tear over time. Opt for weather-resistant materials like heavy-duty polyester or vinyl.

Cooking Stands

Incorporating cooking stands into your fire pit setup can help organize your cooking space. Stands can hold pots and pans above the fire, perfect for simmering sauces or steaming vegetables alongside grilling meat. Choose stands that are sturdy and can handle the heat without warping.

Utensil Holders

Keep your cooking utensils within easy reach by using a utensil holder. These can be attached to the side of your fire pit or stand alone. They provide a convenient place to hang tongs, spatulas, and brushes. The holders also keep these utensils clean.

Fire Poker and Tongs

A fire poker is invaluable for safely adjusting logs and coals, while long-handled tongs are a must-have for handling food safely. Ensure these tools are made from heat-resistant materials and have insulated handles to protect your hands from heat.

By carefully selecting accessories for your fire pit cooking grill, you can create a more efficient and enjoyable outdoor cooking environment. Each addition not only adds to the functionality but also enhances the overall experience of cooking over an open flame.

The Wrap Up: Fireside Cuisine Mastery

The benefits of constructing a fire pit cooking grill are manifold. Firstly, it serves as a versatile outdoor cooking solution, providing a focal point for social gatherings and culinary activities. This addition to your backyard not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers a practical space for grilling and cooking in the open air. The fire pit cooking grill creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

To make a fire pit cooking grill, one can follow a straightforward process. Begin by choosing a suitable location in the backyard, considering safety and ventilation. Construct the base, place the fire pit securely, and attach the grill grate at a comfortable height. Finally, secure metal rods for utensil support. This step-by-step approach ensures the creation of a functional and aesthetically pleasing fire pit cooking grill, ready to elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

The guide aims to help readers effortlessly transform their outdoor space into a culinary haven, combining the warmth of a fire pit with the joy of cooking outdoors.



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