An awesome 2-in-1 picnic table and bench

Convertible Picnic Table Bench

A picnic table is a great addition to any outdoor space, providing a place to eat, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Picnic tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that fits your needs. Here are some reasons why a picnic table is a great addition to your […]

An efficient fire pit with a cooking grill in your backyard!

Fire Pit with Cooking Grill

During summer, many of us love to cook outdoors and enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Grilling and picnicking are great ways to enjoy the warm weather, and spending time outdoors is a great way to relax and unwind.  A cooking grill is a perfect time to take advantage of the freshest ingredients and […]

Build an inexpensive bench around a tree with kitchen chairs!

Do you like those benches around a tree but find them too expensive to buy? Here’s a great project for anyone looking for a fun and easy-to-build DIY project: a tree bench! This bench is a great way to add both function and style to your backyard, and it’s a lot cheaper to build than […]

Simple yet important backyard grill gazebo!

If you love hosting backyard BBQs but have limited space to work with, don’t worry – you can still create a great grilling station! Just take inspiration from this simple yet effective grill gazebo design. With a little bit of planning and some basic carpentry skills, you can easily build a grill gazebo that will […]

Build your own cool and unique Lego dresser!

DIY Lego Themed Dresser

There are few toys as iconic and well-loved as Legos. For generations, children have enjoyed building endless creations with these colourful little blocks. But what is it that makes Legos so special? Why do they continue to remain popular year after year? There are several reasons for Legos’ enduring popularity. First, they offer endless opportunities […]

Geodesic Chicken Tractor – Efficient Chicken Coop

Geodesic Chicken Coop

Wondering what a geodesic chicken tractor might be? A geodesic chicken tractor is a coop that can be easily moved and often has wheels. They are also known as chicken arks for some reason yet to be discovered. Geodesic chicken tractors are a great way to keep your chickens safe and allow them to roam […]