Build a Creative Storage Bench From a Repurposed Bookshelf!

Storage Bench From a Repurposed Bookshelf
Build a Storage Bench From a Repurposed Bookshelf!

Are you looking for a storage bench that is both stylish and functional? Then look no further than a repurposed bookshelf! This easy DIY project will take less than an hour to complete, and it will provide you with a beautiful and sturdy storage bench that you can use in any room in your home.

The DIY storage bench you see above was built to serve as a window bench. It is made with Ikea’s Expedit bookshelf and stainless steel legs. The seat cushion is DIY too, using an inexpensive foam from a local store.

This storage bench is a quick and easy project that anyone can tackle. With just a few supplies and some simple assembly, you can have a stylish and functional bench in no time. Not a lot of measuring and wood cutting to do, and also no sewing involved. This bench is great for adding extra seating and storage to any room in your home.

Storage Bench From a Repurposed Bookshelf

We love that this furniture piece is not built-in (which is another reason why this project is easy). You can always move the unit if you need to or relocate it to wherever you want. This makes it great for small spaces or apartments where you might have to move things around often.

We love how this clever window bench doubles as an entryway bench! It’s a great option for small spaces, and we love the added storage underneath.

What do you think? Is this storage bench going to be your next DIY project?

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What you need to build a storage bench from bookshelves…

You’ll need these materials:

  • Shelving Unit
  • 2 sets 4″ Capita Legs
  • MDF Board
  • Foam
  • Quilt Batting
  • Fabric of choice
  • Primer
  • Paint (colour of your choice)
  • Storage Box that fits your shelving units

And these tools:

  • Cordless Drill
  • Marker
  • Electric Kitchen Carving Knife
  • Staple Gun
  • Sander

Steps to transform a bookshelf into a storage bench:

Before you start this project, you’ll need to gather all the materials needed for this transformation. Once you have all of your materials, you can begin by cleaning out your old bookshelves. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask a friend or family member for help.

Once your bookshelves are clean, you can begin sanding the old paint down. Be sure to sand evenly to create a smooth surface for painting. If you have any large areas of paint build-up, you may need to use a paint scraper to remove it. Once you have a smooth surface, you are ready to begin repainting!

Before you begin your painting project, be sure to apply a primer. This will help the paint to adhere properly and create a smooth finish. Without a primer, you may find that the paint chips or peels over time.

After the paint dries, you can then start attaching the legs. Make sure to use the right screws and drill bit size so the legs are properly secured. Also, take care not to over-tighten the screws, as this can damage the legs.

Cut the MDF board and the foam to fit the bench. When you’re done, cover the foam with quilt batting, securing it with staples. Then cover with a fabric of your choice, trimming any excess. Be sure to take precise measurements when cutting the MDF and foam, so that the final product fits snugly on the bench.

Also, take care when securing the quilt batting and fabric, so that there are no loose ends or wrinkles. With a little careful planning and execution, you’ll have a beautiful, custom-made bench cover that will last for years.

Finally, you can add storage boxes under the bench for storage units. Adding a storage box under the bench is a great way to increase the amount of storage space in your home. This is especially useful in small homes or apartments where space is limited. By using a storage box, you can easily store away items that you don’t need on a daily basis, freeing up more space in your home.

You can get step-by-step from Mommy Vignettes over here…

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