Build your own brick barbecue

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DIY Brick Barbeque

Easy to build and use, low-maintenance and long-lasting – these are the things we love about this brick barbecue!

DIY Brick Barbeque

A brick barbecue is a good option if you’re looking for a very simple, permanent DIY BBQ pit to put on your patio or backyard.

Its charcoal tray and grilling rack can easily be removed, cleaned or refilled individually. Plus, you can have a warming rack at the top for a, well, warm and delicious menu all throughout your outdoor gathering or party!

The other features of your DIY brick BBQ will depend on you. The height can be determined by who will man the grill for most of the time so that he or she is comfortable. You can also build a preparation table on its side if you want, for an even more convenient cooking job.

Is this the kind of BBQ pit you want in your yard?

Take a look at various versions of a DIY brick BBQ by viewing our album, and learn how to build one by heading over to the step-by-step guide from DIY Doctor below!

You’ll need these materials:

  • Concrete Mix (for the base if you don’t have a level ground)
  • Barbecue Grill Set
  • Bricks
  • Metal Brick Ties / Fishtail Wall Tile
  • Portable Cement and Mortar Base Tray
  • Zinc Coated Mending Plate

And these tools:

  • Shovel
  • Bricklayers Trowel or Gauging Trowel
  • Spirit Level
  • Club Hammer or Lump Hammer
  • Bolster Chisel
  • Bucket Trowel
  • BBQ Paint
  • Wire Brush
  • 9″ Hosepipe

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Thanks to DIY Doctor for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here


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