Cool Vertical Aquaponic Garden – features a 2-in-1 garden and fish tank!

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vertical aquaponic garden
Vertical Aquaponic Garden

Aquaponic gardens are a great way to grow your own food while being environmentally friendly. But what if you could have an aquaponic garden that was also beautiful?

If you’re interested in aquaponic gardening or you simply want to have the gorgeous green decor in your home, then this project just might be the right fit for you! Aquaponic gardening is a method of gardening that utilizes a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish to create a self-sustaining ecosystem. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also an eco-friendly way to garden.

It’s not space-consuming hence it’s a perfect little garden for those with small backyards. But what’s even better is that its good-looking design allows it to be suitable for the indoors too! Don’t have any outdoor space at all? You can still have a little garden inside your home that doubles as a decoration by doing this project. đŸ˜‰

Vertical Aquaponic Garden

Now the materials listed below are simply the ones used by the DIY-er who built this featured project. However, it is important to make sure that the supplies you use in your own aquaponic or hydroponic system are food safe.

This is especially important if you are planning to use the produce grown in your system for human consumption. There are a number of food-safe materials that can be used in aquaponic and hydroponic systems, so be sure to do your research and choose the best option for your needs.

If you are looking to build a vertical aquaponic garden strictly for decoration, then you have a bit more flexibility in terms of material choices. While you still want to make sure that the materials you select are durable and won’t break down over time, you can be a bit more creative in terms of what you use. For example, you could use recycled materials or even upcycled items to create your vertical aquaponic garden.

What do you think of this DIY Vertical Aquaponic Garden project? Do you think this design can be further improved?

You’ll need these materials:

  • 1 PC Wood Planter (or whatever style you want to hold the water)
  • 1×4 Timber
  • 1 PC 5″x5″x8′ White Vinyl Fence Post
  • 1 Fence Post Top Cap
  • 1 3/4″ PVC Elbow and Pipe (to attach pump hose)
  • Plastic Sheet (to line the inside of the Planter)
  • 16 3″ 45-degree PVC Elbows
  • 1 3″ PVC Pipe
  • Fountain Pump (320GPH)
  • Grow Lights (2 Sun Blaster CFL’s)
  • Timers (for both lights and pump)
  • Bamboo Poles
  • Wire (for holding poles in place)
  • Rock (growing medium)
  • Rockwool Cubes (for starting plants and to act as a filter)

And these tools:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Staple Gun
  • Sawzall
  • Drill (with 3″ Hole Saw)

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To create a vertical garden, start by cutting a 5×5 fence post to your desired height. Next, use a drill to create pilot holes in the post at evenly spaced intervals. Next, attach the 3″ 45-degree PVC elbows in the holes of the post. Finally, use a drill to screw the PVC elbows into the post, being careful not to over-tighten.

After putting the elbows and the tower together, you can then secure the tower to the planter or whatever container you want to hold the water for your aquaponic garden. This will ensure that your tower is stable and won’t tip over. It’s important to have a stable tower in order to avoid any accidents.

Then, you should drill a 3/4″ hole near the top of the fence post and use a 3/4″ PVC elbow and pipe to get the pump to send water into the top planter. This ensured that the plants in the top planter would have a continuous supply of water.

When everything is prepared, you can now fill the tanks with water and attach the pump to the 3/4″ hole up top. After getting the water cycle tested, you can plant fish in your aquaponic garden.

You can get detailed step-by-step instructions from LinkG4!



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