Functional Tire Rim Fire Pit in 7 Easy Steps

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Tractor Tire Rim Fire Pit
Build a tire rim fire pit in your backyard

Fire pits are an essential component of any outdoor living space, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors at night. In addition to providing warmth and light, fire pits also create a focal point for social gatherings, making them the perfect addition to any backyard.

A tire rim fire pit made from a tractor tire rim is a great way to add a fire pit to your yard without spending a lot of money. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to add a fire pit to your backyard, consider making one from a tractor tire rim. This project is simple to do and only requires a few materials. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose an old tire rim.

An old tractor tire rim makes an excellent fire pit because it is made of heavy-duty metal. The metal will hold up well to the heat of the fire, and the rim will contain the flames and prevent them from spreading. All you have to do is find an old tractor tire rim in your local area and have the centre cut out so that you only have the outer round metal.

Find a spot in your backyard where you can lay the tractor rim for your tire rim fire pit. If you have a shovel, use it to dig a hole that is a few inches deep. Place the rim in the hole and then fill the hole back up with dirt, making sure that the rim is level. If you want, you can use a level to make sure that the ground is level before you place the rim down.

Make sure to add some bricks around the perimeter to protect people from the hot metal while your tire rim fire pit is in use. You may also want to consider adding a screen or lid to help contain the fire and prevent embers from escaping.

To install the bricks around your tire rim fire pit, you can use landscape adhesive for a more solid build. This will ensure that your brick wall is secure and will last for a long time. If you’re looking for a more permanent installation, you can use mortar to set the bricks in place. However, this will require more time and effort to complete.

Tractor Rim Fire Pit

If you want to make your tire rim fire pit even safer, leave a gap between the tractor rim and your brick wall as you are building it. Fill that gap with crushed gravel and sand until it’s level with the top of your brick wall. The gravel and sand will absorb heat first and your brick wall should stay cool to touch even after hours of using the tractor rim fire pit!

This will help to prevent accidental fires from spreading. Additionally, you may want to consider lining the inside of your fire pit with fire bricks to help contain the heat and prevent any damage to your tractor rim.

If you’re looking for some inspiration in building your own tire rim fire pit, then look no further. We’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you get started.

Building Your Tire Rim Fire Pit


  • Old Tractor Tire Rim
  • Bricks/Big Rocks
  • Crushed Gravel and Sand
  • Landscape Adhesive


  • Shovel


Step 1: Prepare the Location

  • Choose the Right Spot: Find a level area in your backyard, at least 10 feet away from structures and vegetation.
  • Clear the Area: Use the shovel to clear grass, debris, or other flammable materials from this spot.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

  • Dig a Shallow Pit: Use the shovel to dig a pit about 6 inches deep and slightly wider than the tire rim.
  • Add Gravel and Sand Layer: Fill the pit with crushed gravel and sand. This layer should be about 3 inches deep, providing a stable and fire-resistant base.

Step 3: Place the Tire Rim

  • Set the Rim: Place the tractor tire rim in the center of the pit. Make sure it’s level and stable.

Step 4: Secure the Rim

  • Add More Gravel and Sand: Fill around the outside of the rim with more crushed gravel and sand. This helps to anchor it in place.

Step 5: Create a Protective Barrier

  • Position Bricks or Rocks: Arrange bricks or big rocks around the rim. They should be close enough to provide a barrier but not so close that they overheat.
  • Use Landscape Adhesive: Apply landscape adhesive between the bricks or rocks for additional stability. This step is optional but recommended for a more permanent structure.

Step 6: Final Touches

  • Check Stability: Make sure everything is stable and level.
  • Clean Up: Remove any excess materials or debris from the area.

Step 7: Safety Check

  • Inspect Your Fire Pit: Before the first use, double-check the rim’s and the barrier’s stability.
  • Prepare Fire Extinguishing Supplies: Have a bucket of water, sand, or a fire extinguisher nearby.

Safety Measures for Tire Rim Fire Pits

Creating a tire rim fire pit is a great way to enhance your backyard. However, safety is crucial. This guide provides essential safety measures to ensure your fire pit experience is both enjoyable and secure.

Proper Placement

Selecting the right spot for your tire rim fire pit is crucial for safety. The ideal location minimizes the risk of accidental fires and enhances your enjoyment.

Distance from Structures and Vegetation

Your fire pit should be positioned at least 10 feet from your house, garage, shed, and other structures. This distance is essential to prevent heat damage or fire spreading to buildings. Similarly, keep the fire pit clear of trees, bushes, and overhanging branches. Vegetation can easily catch fire, so ensuring ample space around the pit is vital.

Consider Wind Direction

Be mindful of the prevailing wind direction in your backyard. Placing the fire pit in a spot where wind can blow sparks toward your house or dry vegetation is risky. Choose a location where the wind will carry sparks away from potentially flammable objects if possible.

Flat and Stable Ground

Place your fire pit on a flat, stable surface. This ensures the fire pit remains steady and reduces the risk of it tipping over. Uneven ground can lead to an unstable setup, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Avoid Flammable Surfaces

Never place your tire rim fire pit on wooden decks or directly on grass. These surfaces can catch fire. Instead, use a non-flammable base like concrete, brick, or stone. This adds an extra layer of protection against stray sparks or heat transfer.

Considering these factors, you can select a safe and enjoyable location for your tire rim fire pit. Proper placement is not just about following safety guidelines; it’s also about ensuring a relaxing and worry-free experience in your outdoor space.

Fire Extinguishing Supplies

A key safety measure is having the right fire extinguishing supplies close to your fire pit. Quick and easy access to these tools can make the difference in preventing a small, controllable fire from turning into a dangerous situation.

Variety of Extinguishing Tools

A bucket of water is a simple yet effective tool for dousing flames. Keep it filled and within arm’s reach whenever you use the fire pit. Water is ideal for quickly extinguishing the fire at the end of the evening or in case of an emergency.

Sand is another valuable tool. It can smother flames without creating a cloud of smoke. A bucket of sand near your fire pit can be useful, especially in windy conditions where water might be less effective.

A fire extinguisher should also be part of your fire safety kit. Choose a multi-purpose extinguisher (Class A, B, C) suitable for different types of fires. Ensure everyone knows where it is and how to use it.

Regular Checks and Accessibility

Check your fire extinguishing supplies regularly. Ensure water buckets are filled and the fire extinguisher is in working order with a full charge. These items should be easily accessible and not blocked by furniture or other objects.

Training and Awareness

Consider familiarizing yourself and your family with basic fire safety practices. Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher effectively can be crucial in an emergency. Regular reminders about the importance of these tools can also reinforce safety consciousness among all who use the fire pit.

By ensuring you have the right fire extinguishing supplies and are well maintained and accessible, you can enjoy your tire rim fire pit with peace of mind, knowing you are prepared for any fire-related emergencies.

Supervision and Boundaries

Proper supervision and clear boundaries are crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone around your tire rim fire pit. These measures are especially important when children or pets are present.

Constant Supervision

Always have a responsible adult near the fire pit when it’s in use. This person can monitor the fire’s behavior, ensure it stays under control, and act quickly in case of an emergency. Leaving the fire pit unattended, even briefly, can lead to accidents or uncontrolled fires.

Establishing Safety Boundaries

Create a visible boundary around the fire pit. This can be done with physical markers like stones or ropes or simply by defining a clear area. Ensure children and pets understand this boundary and the importance of staying outside. This keeps them at a safe distance from the heat and flames.

Educating Children and Guests

Educate children about the dangers of fire. Explain why staying back is important and what could happen if they get too close. Encourage them to enjoy the fire from a safe distance and under adult supervision.

For guests who may be unfamiliar with your fire pit, take a moment to explain the safety rules and boundaries. This ensures everyone understands the importance of fire safety while enjoying your outdoor space.

Pet Safety

Pets can be unpredictable around the fire. Keep them on a leash or inside if they’re too energetic or curious near the fire pit. Training your pets to understand and respect the boundaries can also help keep them safe.

You can create a safe and enjoyable environment around your tire rim fire pit by maintaining supervision and clear boundaries. This approach not only ensures the safety of children and pets but also provides peace of mind for adults, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire pit.

These safety measures can help you enjoy your tire rim fire pit safely. Prevention is key to avoiding accidents and ensuring a pleasant outdoor experience.

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Decorating Your Tire Rim Fire Pit Area

Enhancing the area around your tire rim fire pit transforms it into a cozy and inviting outdoor space. Here are some creative ideas to decorate and maximize the enjoyment of your fire pit area.

Choose Comfortable Seating

Creating a welcoming and comfortable seating arrangement is key to enjoying your tire rim fire pit. Here’s how to choose the right seating for your outdoor space.

  • Pick Durable Outdoor Furniture: Choose chairs, benches, or sofas designed for outdoor use. Materials like wrought iron, aluminum, and all-weather wicker are durable and can withstand the elements.
  • Complement Your Outdoor Decor: Select furniture that matches the style of your backyard. Rustic wooden benches work well in natural settings, while sleek metal chairs suit modern landscapes.
  • Add Cushions and Throws: Place weather-resistant cushions on your chairs for comfort. Have some blankets or throws handy for chilly evenings. These provide warmth and add a splash of color and texture.
  • Create a Cozy Circle: Arrange your furniture around the fire pit in a circle or semi-circle. This layout encourages conversation and makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the warmth of the fire.
  • Ensure Safe Distance: Keep a safe distance between the furniture and the fire pit. This prevents overheating of furniture and ensures the safety of your guests.

Lighting for Ambiance and Safety

Proper lighting is essential for both the ambiance and safety of your fire pit area. Here’s how to enhance your space with the right lighting.

  • String Lights for a Magical Glow: Drape string lights around the seating area or above the fire pit for a soft, enchanting glow. This creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for evenings spent outdoors.
  • Solar Lanterns for Eco-Friendly Light: Place solar lanterns around the fire pit area. They charge during the day and light up automatically at dusk. Solar lanterns are a sustainable option that adds a charming touch to your outdoor space.
  • Illuminate Pathways: Ensure walkways leading to the fire pit are well-lit. This helps prevent accidents and makes it easier to navigate the backyard at night.
  • Spotlights for Extra Safety: Consider installing spotlights that can be directed towards the fire pit area. These provide additional illumination and can be turned on for extra visibility.
  • Fire-Resistant Candles: Use fire-resistant candles on tables around the seating area for a warm, flickering light. Ensure they are in sturdy holders to prevent tipping.
  • LED Furniture: For a modern twist, incorporate LED furniture. LED chairs or tables can offer a unique and colorful light source that’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Landscaping Around the Fire Pit

Thoughtful landscaping around your fire pit can enhance its aesthetic appeal while contributing to safety. Here’s how to landscape effectively in this area.

  • Choose the Right Plants: Opt for fire-resistant plants and shrubs to landscape around your fire pit. Species like lavender, agave, and aloe resist ignition and add beauty to your garden. Consult local gardening centers for plants suited to your climate and soil.
  • Create a Green Buffer Zone: Arrange these plants safely from the fire pit. This green buffer zone enhances the natural ambiance while acting as a safety barrier.
  • Decorative Stones for a Natural Barrier: Outline the fire pit area with decorative stones. These stones are a fire-resistant barrier and add a natural, rustic look to your backyard.
  • Mulch for Ground Cover: Use non-flammable mulch, like pea gravel or crushed stone, as ground cover around the fire pit. This mulch complements the plants and stones, providing a cohesive and stylish look. It’s also effective in preventing fire spread compared to organic mulches.
  • Plan for Easy Maintenance: Choose low-maintenance plants and materials. This ensures your fire pit area remains beautiful with minimal effort.
  • Regular Upkeep: Keep the landscaping tidy. Regularly prune plants, remove dry leaves, and replace mulch to maintain the area’s safety and attractiveness.

Personalize with Accessories

Adding personal touches with decorative elements can transform your fire pit area into a reflection of your style and taste. Here are some ideas to personalize and enhance this outdoor space.

  • Select Garden Sculptures: Incorporate garden sculptures that match your style. These elements add character to your outdoor space, whether it’s modern abstract pieces or classic garden statues.
  • Install Weather-Resistant Artwork: Consider weather-resistant wall art or hangings that can endure the outdoor elements. Art pieces can be hung on nearby fences or walls, adding a touch of personality.
  • Hang Wind Chimes: Wind chimes bring soothing audio to your tire rim fire pit area. Choose chimes with tones and materials that complement the ambiance you want to create.
  • Include a Water Feature: A small outdoor fountain can add a calming sound of flowing water if space allows. This enhances the ambiance and adds a dynamic element to your garden.
  • Weather-Resistant Rugs: Place a durable outdoor rug near the seating area. This adds color, texture, and comfort underfoot, making the space more inviting and homely.
  • Outdoor Pillows and Throws: Scatter some outdoor pillows on your furniture for extra comfort. Keep some throws handy for cooler nights, adding warmth and a homely feel.
  • Decorative Lanterns: Use decorative lanterns as a light source and an accessory. They can be placed on tables or hung from nearby structures.
  • Functional Decor: Consider items like a decorative firewood holder or a stylish fire poker set. These items are practical and can serve as attractive features in your fire pit area.

You can create a charming and comfortable outdoor retreat by decorating your tire rim fire pit area thoughtfully. It becomes the perfect spot for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the beauty of your backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Rim Fire Pits

What is a tire rim fire pit?

A tire rim fire pit is an outdoor fire pit created using an old tractor tire rim. This DIY approach repurposes a tire rim to create a durable, cost-effective, and unique fire feature for your backyard.

How do I build a tire rim fire pit?

To build a tire rim fire pit, you need an old tractor tire rim, bricks or big rocks, crushed gravel and sand, and landscape adhesive. The process involves preparing a location, setting the rim on a gravel and sand base, and surrounding it with bricks for safety and aesthetics.

What safety measures should I take with my tire rim fire pit?

Safety measures for a tire rim fire pit include placing it away from structures and flammable materials, having fire extinguishing supplies nearby, and never leaving the fire unattended. It’s also important to supervise children and pets around the fire pit.

How do I choose the best location for my tire rim fire pit?

Choose a flat, stable surface for your tire rim fire pit, away from houses, trees, and other flammable structures. Ensure there’s at least a 10-foot clearance around the fire pit to reduce the risk of accidental fires.

Can I decorate around my tire rim fire pit?

Absolutely! Decorating around your tire rim fire pit can enhance the area’s ambiance. Use comfortable seating, ambient lighting, fire-resistant plants, and personal decorative elements to create a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

What maintenance is required for a tire rim fire pit?

Maintaining your tire rim fire pit involves regular cleaning, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and ensuring the area around it is free of flammable debris. Proper maintenance ensures the fire pit remains safe and enjoyable to use.

Is it expensive to build a tire rim fire pit?

Building a tire rim fire pit is generally not expensive. The main cost is the old tractor tire rim, with other materials like bricks, gravel, and sand being relatively affordable. It’s a budget-friendly option compared to buying a pre-made fire pit.

How do I ensure my tire rim fire pit is stable?

Place your tire rim fire pit on a flat, level surface to ensure stability. Fill the base with a layer of sand and gravel and securely set the rim in this base. Check regularly to make sure it remains level and stable.

Can I cook over a tire rim fire pit?

While a tire rim fire pit is primarily for warmth and ambiance, you can cook over it with the proper setup, such as a grill grate. Always ensure food is cooked safely and the fire is managed properly.

How can I make my tire rim fire pit last longer?

To prolong the life of your tire rim fire pit, protect it from the elements when not in use, perform regular maintenance, and avoid overloading it with too much wood or high flames. Proper care will ensure many seasons of enjoyment.


Building and enjoying a tire rim fire pit in your backyard is a fulfilling DIY project that adds charm and warmth to your outdoor space. By following the steps outlined for construction, adhering to safety measures, and embracing creative decorating ideas, you can transform a simple tire rim into a cozy gathering spot.



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