How to make a duct tape wallet

Here’s an interesting project for the weekend that some of you might want to do – making a wallet entirely out of duct tape! I personally find this idea clever because it’s one that I could really use.

Duct Tape Wallet Main Image

My friends and I have a small clothing business where we do all the work, including going to a street market almost every weekend to buy supplies. It’s a very crowded place, especially during weekends. And since many people are busy crowding in and shopping, pickpockets see this place as a gold mine.

I used to buy cheap wallets which I could use while I shop at this particular place. With those, I wouldn’t care much if they steal it. But this duct tape wallet is better as it’s not bulky. I could put it in any of my pockets and people won’t easily notice it.

It’s also a great wallet for kids since duct tapes are basically durable!

Want to know how to create one? Get your duct tape ready and watch this basic tutorial 🙂

Want another DIY wallet idea? Here’s a tutorial for kids’ wallet



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