Making a Cool DIY License Plate Birdhouse in 7 Fun Steps

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I was delighted to find several old license plates for sale at my neighbour’s yard sale. I immediately grabbed several of them, and I’m excited to repurpose them. These plates are a great find, and I’m grateful to have stumbled upon them.

It is often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This means that what one person may deem as worthless, another person may see as valuable. This is a perspective that can be applied to many areas of life.

I had been thinking for a while about what to do with my garden. I wanted something rustic, cute, and charming. Then, one day, I saw the pile of old license plates and I knew immediately what I wanted to do: I was going to build a birdhouse out of them!

DIY license plate birdhouse

I take pleasure in watching birds fluttering about in my garden, and I wanted to provide them with a home so they can stay for as long as they want. I did some research and found that there are some easy ways to make your garden more bird-friendly. By providing food, water, and shelter, you can attract a variety of birds to your garden and give them a place to call home.

I decided to build some license plate birdhouses for my feathered friends, and it turns out they loved them! It’s a great way to upcycle old plates and give the birds a place to stay! Plus, it’s a fun project that anyone can do. So if you’re looking for a creative way to help the environment and support your local wildlife, this is it!

A DIY license plate birdhouse is a great way to add some character to your yard without breaking the bank. Plus, it’s a quick and easy project to make, even with your kids. With just a few supplies and a little bit of time, you can create a unique birdhouse that will be the envy of your neighbours. Trust me, this simple and functional project will be a great addition to your garden or backyard.

One fun way to recycle old license plates is by repurposing them into birdhouses. This can be done by using the plates as roofing material or by constructing the entire birdhouse. Not only is this a great way to give new life to old license plates, but it also makes for a unique and quirky birdhouse that is sure to stand out and give birds a place to nest.

How to Make Your DIY License Plate Birdhouse

You can easily learn how to make this DIY license plate birdhouse.

You’ll need these materials:

  • The standard steel license plate
  • Nails
  • Hex-headed screws for securing license plate
  • Stain or paint (colour of choice)
  • Sides: 10-5/8″ L x 5-12″ W
  • Ends: 8-3/4″ L x 5-1/2″ W
  • Floor: 10-5/8″ L x 4″ W
  • 1 1/8” drill bit
  • 1/4” drill bit

And these tools:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Saw (If your wood is not precut)
  • Clamps
  • Safety glasses


Step 1: Cut and Assemble the Frame

Start by cutting the sides, ends, and floor of the birdhouse to the specified dimensions. Use a saw to make clean, straight cuts, ensuring that the pieces fit together snugly. Once cut, assemble the frame by attaching the sides to the ends using nails, creating a box-like structure.

Step 2: Drill Entrance Hole

Using the 1 1/8” drill bit, carefully drill a hole near the top of one end piece to serve as the entrance for birds. Be sure to position the hole at an appropriate size to accommodate the species of birds you wish to attract. Sand the edges of the hole to smooth any rough spots.

Step 3: Attach the License Plate

Place the license plate over one side of the birdhouse, ensuring that it covers the entire surface. Use the hex-headed screws to secure the license plate to the frame, driving the screws through the pre-existing holes in the plate and into the wood. Repeat this process for the other side of the birdhouse, creating a decorative exterior.

Step 4: Paint or Stain

Now it’s time to add some colour to your birdhouse! Apply a coat of paint or stain to the entire exterior of the birdhouse, including the license plates. Choose a colour that complements your outdoor decor and provides a protective barrier against the elements. Allow the paint or stain to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5: Install Floor and Roof

Once the paint or stain has dried, attach the floor of the birdhouse to the bottom of the frame using nails or screws. This will provide a sturdy base for birds to perch on inside the birdhouse. If desired, you can also add a small roof overhang to protect the entrance hole from rain.

Step 6: Hang and Enjoy

Finally, it’s time to hang your license plate birdhouse in your desired location! Choose a spot that is elevated and sheltered from strong winds, preferably near trees or shrubs where birds can find food and nesting materials. Use a sturdy hook or bracket to securely hang the birdhouse, ensuring that it is level and stable.

Crafting a license plate birdhouse is a fun and rewarding project that allows you to showcase your creativity while providing a cozy home for birds. With just a few basic materials and tools, you can create a charming addition to your backyard that will be enjoyed by both you and your feathered friends for years to come.

But, there are countless ways to design a license plate birdhouse, and the options are only limited by your imagination. To get started easily, take a look at some of these other amazing designs for inspiration. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind birdhouse that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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Looking for an easy and unique DIY project? Check out this license plate birdhouse from Felt Magnet! Made from upcycled materials, this fun project is perfect for beginner crafters.

Elevating Your DIY License Plate Birdhouse: Making it Extraordinary

Constructing a DIY license plate birdhouse presents an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and transform an ordinary backyard fixture into an extraordinary piece of art. By infusing your project with innovative ideas and attention to detail, you can create a birdhouse that not only serves as a cozy abode for feathered visitors but also becomes a captivating focal point in your outdoor space. Let’s explore how you can make your DIY license plate birdhouse truly extraordinary:

1. Personalized Plates

One way to elevate your license plate birdhouse is by incorporating personalized plates that reflect your unique style or interests. Seek out custom-made license plates featuring your name, initials, or favourite numbers, and integrate them into the design of your birdhouse. This adds a personal touch and makes the birdhouse distinctly yours.

2. Theme-based Design

Consider designing your license plate birdhouse around a specific theme to infuse it with character and charm. Whether it’s a coastal retreat, a vintage diner, or a whimsical fairy tale cottage, choose license plates and decorative elements that align with your chosen theme. For example, for a coastal theme, use nautical-themed license plates and adorn the birdhouse with seashells, driftwood, and miniature lighthouses.

3. Architectural Details

Pay attention to architectural details to enhance the visual appeal of your license plate birdhouse. Incorporate elements such as dormer windows, decorative trim, and miniature doors to mimic the features of a real house. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to create a unique silhouette that stands out in your backyard.

4. Multi-level Design

Take your license plate birdhouse to new heights by incorporating multiple levels or tiers. Create a tiered roof structure with staggered levels, allowing for additional nesting space and visual interest. Use different-sized license plates for each level to add dimension and create a dynamic focal point.

6. Functional Features

Make your license plate birdhouse both beautiful and functional by incorporating innovative features. Add removable panels or hinged doors for easy cleaning and maintenance. Install a perch or landing pad near the entrance to provide birds with a convenient resting spot. Consider incorporating a removable feeder or water dispenser to attract even more avian visitors to your birdhouse.

7. Artistic Accents

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your license plate birdhouse with artistic accents and embellishments. Paint intricate designs or murals on the license plates to add colour and visual interest. Incorporate mosaic tiles, stained glass, or decorative metalwork to create eye-catching patterns and textures. Experiment with different painting techniques, such as stencilling or decoupage, to add depth and complexity to your birdhouse design.

With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, you can transform your DIY license plate birdhouse into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the imagination and delights both birds and onlookers alike.

By incorporating personalized plates, themed designs, architectural details, multi-level structures, functional features, and artistic accents, you can make your birdhouse truly extraordinary and elevate it from ordinary to exceptional in no time.

Wrapping It Up

In a world, where environmental conservation is more important than ever, your decision to embark on this DIY journey demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious living. Every birdhouse you create is not just a decorative piece; it’s a symbol of your dedication to protecting the planet and preserving its natural resources for future generations.

Building a license plate birdhouse is a rewarding experience that goes beyond the finished product. Throughout the process, you’ve learned valuable skills, honed your craftsmanship, and gained a sense of accomplishment with each step completed.

From measuring and cutting the materials to assembling the structure and adding finishing touches, you’ve overcome challenges and embraced the opportunity to learn and grow as a DIY enthusiast.

In addition to the personal satisfaction that comes from creating something with your own hands, a license plate birdhouse also holds sentimental value. Whether you’re building it as a gift for a loved one or for your own backyard, each birdhouse carries memories and stories that make it truly special.

Every time you see birds flocking to your birdhouse or hear their cheerful chirps, you’ll be reminded of the time and effort you put into crafting it and the joy it brings to your life.

As you put the finishing touches on your license plate birdhouse and find the perfect spot to hang it, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the role you play in supporting local wildlife. Your birdhouse isn’t just a decorative addition to your backyard; it’s a habitat for birds to nest, rest, and raise their young.

By providing a safe and welcoming environment for feathered friends, you’re contributing to the conservation of bird species and helping to maintain the delicate balance of ecosystems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials do you need to build a license plate birdhouse?

You will need a standard steel license plate, nails, hex-headed screws for securing the license plate, stain or paint for colouring, and various wood pieces for the structure. The wood pieces include sides, ends, and a floor, along with a 1 1/8” drill bit and a 1/4” drill bit.

2. Where can you find the materials for building a license plate birdhouse?

You can find the materials at your local hardware store or home improvement centre. Additionally, you may repurpose an old license plate or use leftover wood from previous projects to reduce costs.

You can easily acquire the materials needed for your license plate birdhouse project from your local hardware store or home improvement centre, where you’ll find everything from standard steel license plates to various sizes of wood pieces.

Additionally, if you’re looking to minimize costs or add a touch of eco-friendliness to your project, consider repurposing an old license plate or utilizing leftover wood from previous DIY endeavours. Not only does this approach help reduce waste and promote sustainability, but it also adds a unique charm to your birdhouse by incorporating elements with a history and character of their own.

3. Do you need any special tools to build a license plate birdhouse?

Basic woodworking tools such as a saw, hammer, drill, and measuring tape will suffice. You may also need sandpaper for smoothing rough edges and a screwdriver for securing the hex-headed screws.

4. How long does it take to build a license plate birdhouse?

The time it takes to complete the project depends on your woodworking skills and the complexity of the design. Generally, building a license plate birdhouse can take anywhere from a few hours to a day.

For those well-versed in crafting and with a straightforward design in mind, the construction process can be a relatively swift affair, spanning just a few hours of dedicated work.

5. Can you customize the design of your license plate birdhouse?

Absolutely! You can get creative with the design by choosing different license plates, colours, and wood finishes. You may also add personal touches such as decorative accents or engravings to make your birdhouse unique.

The beauty of crafting your own license plate birdhouse lies in the endless opportunities for creativity and personalization. One way to infuse your project with character is by selecting license plates that reflect your style or hold sentimental value.

6. Is building a license plate birdhouse suitable for beginners?

Yes, building a license plate birdhouse is a beginner-friendly project that requires basic woodworking skills. The step-by-step instructions provided in the DIY guide make it easy for beginners to follow along and complete the project successfully.

Constructing a license plate birdhouse is an ideal project for beginners eager to dip their toes into the world of woodworking. The comprehensive guide breaks down each step into clear and simple instructions, ensuring that even those with minimal experience can navigate the process with ease

7. How do you attract birds to your license plate birdhouse?

    To attract birds, place your birdhouse in a quiet and sheltered area away from predators. You can also add bird feeders nearby to provide food and water for the birds. Additionally, consider planting native plants and flowers to create a welcoming habitat for birds.

    8. Are license plate birdhouses weatherproof?

    While license plate birdhouses are durable, they may require occasional maintenance to withstand the elements. Applying a weatherproof sealant or outdoor paint can help protect the wood from moisture and prolong the lifespan of your birdhouse.

    9. Can you hang your license plate birdhouse indoors?

    License plate birdhouses are designed for outdoor use, but you can certainly hang them indoors as decorative pieces. Just make sure to place them near a window or in a well-lit area where you can enjoy watching the birds come and go.

    10. Are there any safety precautions I should take when building a license plate birdhouse?

    Yes, it’s important to wear safety goggles and gloves when handling tools and materials. Follow proper safety guidelines and use caution when using power tools to prevent accidents or injuries.



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