Build a clever floating pull-out crate storage!

Floating Pull Out Crate Storage

We all have that one room at home that’s just difficult to keep organized! And if you’re still looking for that closet organization idea that can solve your problem, perhaps this DIY project will do! This storage system is most suitable for deep and narrow spaces. The crates are mounted on the wall with full extension drawer […]

Build a space-saving swivel storage cabinet !

Swivel Storage Cabinet

Want a storage that you can easily access even while you are sitting at your work table? This is the DIY project for you! This lazy susan storage is a great way to keep all your small, most commonly used items within arms reach. It’s perfect to have beside the table in your crafts room or […]

Make a toe kick drawer for extra kitchen storage!

Toe Kick Drawer

Can’t seem to have enough kitchen storage space? Well, how about making use of the toe kick – that area between your cabinet’s base and the floor? Most people usually overlook this part of the kitchen but it offers valuable storage space that many of us need! By making toe kick drawers, you’ll have the perfect storage area for […]

Display your kids’ toy cars with one of these awesome storage ideas!

Do you have kids who love Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars? Or perhaps there’s a kid-at-heart in the household who collects these toy cars? Then this toy storage idea-collection is for you! Anyone who lives with someone who just can’t seem to have enough toy cars would probably agree that it can be bothersome to see these small toys all over […]

How to make a built-in spice rack

Ikea Hack Built-in Spice Rack

Here’s another spice rack idea that just might suit your kitchen. It’s space-saving, easy to build and beautiful too! This DIY spice rack makes use of the dead space at the end of a counter which many kitchens usually have. If you don’t have a pantry or don’t want congested cabinets, then you can do this idea for your spices instead. This […]

Build your own portable lumber rack!

Portable Lumber Rack

It’s always nice to find good timber that we can save and use for future projects. But what’s NOT nice is if our lumber pile starts making a mess in our workshop! A disorganized lumber pile doesn’t only make it difficult to find what you need and work efficiently in your workspace, it could also be the […]

Build a beautiful garden hose storage with planter!

Garden Hose Storage with Planter

A beautiful garden won’t thrive without it, but it can be an eyesore if left just lying around. We’re talking about the garden hose! Since it’s essential to your garden, then you might as well provide for a proper storage for it in your backyard. Well, we have a clever and beautiful storage solution for hiding the […]

Organize your kitchen utensils with this clever Lazy Susan storage!

Need a space-saving yet easy-access storage for your kitchen/cooking utensils? Then this project is for you – a hanging lazy susan kitchen utensil storage. This clever kitchen storage idea is great for keeping the kitchen counter clear of items not being used at the moment. We also like that it can hold so many kitchen utensils all […]

Organize your garage by making a PVC yard tool storage

PVC Garage Tool Organizer

Hate looking at the chaotic jumble of your garden and yard tools? Then you probably need this storage solution! Yard tools are the hardest things to store without making them look like a mess. But here’s an organizer idea for them that can solve all that chaos. Of course, storage using PVC pipes! What’s great about this tool holder idea is that […]

Organizer your laundry area by building this easy laundry basket dresser!

Laundry Basket Dresser

Not satisfied with how your current laundry area looks? If you say yes, then this simple idea might be the solution you need which makes any laundry area more organized! This DIY laundry basket dresser will keep everybody’s dirty clothes hidden, and already grouped so they are easier to deal with on laundry days. It’s the perfect […]