Build an Inexpensive DIY Wood Smoker with 4 Basic Parts!

A great wood smoker you can enjoy all year round! When it comes to smoking meats and fish, size definitely matters. If you’re smoking for a large group of people, you’re going to need a smoker that can accommodate a lot of food. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck smoking in batches, which can be time-consuming and […]

A cool mini smoker you can bring anywhere!

DIY Mini Smoker

Smoking foods has become a popular method of preparing food in recent years. This cooking method can infuse food with a unique flavour that is often difficult to achieve with other cooking methods. Smoking foods can also be a great way to preserve food for a longer period of time. Have you ever wanted to […]

Make your own inexpensive tandoor oven out of flower pots!

DIY Flower Pot Tandoori Oven

Tandoori cooking is a popular cooking method from India that has gained popularity around the world. Tandoori foods are typically cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven that is used to produce high heat for cooking. Tandoori chicken is a popular tandoori dish that is often served with naan bread. The tandoori cooking style […]

Functional Backyard Smokehouse: 3-in-1 Fun Outdoor Cookery

Smokehouse, Pizza Oven, Garden Grill

Are you interested in trying different types of outdoor cooking but don’t have a lot of space in your backyard? Then this project is definitely for you! It’s compact and can be used for three different types of cooking: smoking, grilling, and making pizzas. So if you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor cooking solution that […]

Build your own unique rocket grill from scrap metal!

DIY Rocket Grill

Do you want a grill that doesn’t require liquid petroleum or charcoal to fire it? This rocket grill only uses twigs, wood scraps, and chips, and is designed for maximum combustion! It is mostly made out of scrap metal, which makes it a low-cost project. Yes, you can definitely DIY this rocket grill even if it’s your first welding […]

Decorative DIY Brick Barbecue: 6 Effortless Building Steps

DIY Brick Barbeque

When it comes to backyard barbecues, this brick option is hard to beat. It’s easy to build and use, low-maintenance, and long-lasting – perfect for those who love to entertain outdoors. Plus, its classic design means it will never go out of style. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just enjoying a summer night […]

Portable Camp Kitchen: 5-Step Guide to Fun Outdoor Cooking

Portable Camp Kitchen

A great camp kitchen is a must for an amazing camping trip. It should be equipped with all the necessary cookware, utensils, and food storage containers. Furthermore, the portable camp kitchen should be stocked with enough food and supplies to last the entire trip. Do you love going on picnics or camping trips with family […]

Dry Stack Wood-Fired Pizza Oven in 5 Easy Steps!

The result – a pizza oven in less than a day!

By Paul Corsetti The world loves pizza. In the United States, people eat 350 slices every second. Some 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. There’s a reason for all this.  Humans are drawn to foods that are sweet, rich, and complex. Pizza usually has all of these components in abundance. […]

Build an extraordinary whiskey barrel BBQ smoker

Whisky Barrel Smoker

There are many kinds of smokers. You can buy charcoal smokers, gas smokers, wood smokers, electric smokers, and pellet smokers. But why buy when you can build one? This project brings elements of two activities that many enjoy together: barbecuing and drinking. We’re sure you see how using a wine or whiskey barrel to build […]

Cool No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker: 9 Steps to Great Sundays

No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker

OK… you like (love?) smoked meat and you want to do it yourself but there’s the budget, right? Then this is a very inexpensive solution that’s easy to make, does not need any welding and the materials are mostly scrap! Steel drums are key tools in industrial packaging. The reuse and repurposing of drums can help […]