Awesome 5-Layer ZigZag Bookshelf: 7-Step Compact Display

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What can you make in 60 minutes? This DIY zigzag bookshelf!
What can you make in 60 minutes? This DIY zigzag bookshelf!

If you’re searching for a sleek, contemporary piece to add to your home, an interesting bookshelf would be a great idea. Not only will it add a touch of style to your space, but it will also provide a practical place to store your books. Plus, with a bookshelf in your home, you’ll always have something to read close at hand!

Shelves are an essential part of any room’s organization and storage. They make use of the room’s horizontal and vertical space, allowing you to store more than just books. With the help of shelves, you can organize your belongings more efficiently and keep your space tidy.

This challenges the structural and visual standards of an archetypal bookshelf.
This challenges the structural and visual standards of an archetypal bookshelf.

A good bookshelf can be used to store and display a variety of items, from picture frames and home decor to children’s toys and personal items. shelves. You can use them to organize your books, display family photos, or keep keepsakes and mementos. They’re also a great way to add a personal touch to your home décor.

This zigzag bookshelf comes highly recommended. It challenges the structural and visual standards of an archetypal bookshelf. Plus, it adds a certain charm against an empty wall. You can also use this to display photos, mementos, and other trinkets.

If you have some spare pieces of plywood, why not dive into it right now? The tutorial says you can easily create this zigzag bookshelf in 60 minutes. This project isn’t overly expensive. If you buy a zigzag bookshelf from the store, this will probably cost you about a hundred bucks.

Building a ZigZag Bookshelf


  • At least a quarter of a plywood sheet, 96″ long x 12″ wide x 3/4″ thick
  • At least 60 1.25″ brads for the nail gun
  • Wood glue
  • Sandpaper


  • Table saw
  • Nail gun


Step 1: Cutting Your Plywood

  • Set Up: Lay your plywood on a workbench or a pair of sawhorses.
  • Measure: Mark every 6 inches along the length of the plywood. This is where you’ll cut.
  • Saw Away: Carefully cut the plywood into 16 equal strips using the table saw. Always remember safety first—wear goggles!

Step 2: Sanding the Edges

  • Smooth It Out: Take each strip and sand down the edges and any rough surfaces. This makes sure your bookshelf looks polished and professional.

Step 3: Assembling the First Layer

  • Glue Time: Apply a bit of wood glue to the end of one plywood strip.
  • Form an L: Stick another strip perpendicular to it and secure it with a couple of brads from your nail gun.
  • Support It: Glue and then nail a third strip at the back to keep everything steady.

Step 4: Build Up the Layers

  • Keep Going: Add the next layer by placing the strips in the opposite direction to the first. This creates the cool zigzag effect.
  • Alternate: Continue this pattern, making sure each layer alternates direction. It’s starting to look great!

Step 5: Finish Assembling

  • All Together Now: Keep adding layers until you’ve used up all the strips. By now, you should have a snazzy 5-layer zigzag bookshelf.
  • Double-Check: Give everything a final once-over with the nail gun for extra hold.

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

  • One Last Sand: Go over the whole bookshelf with your sandpaper. Make everything smooth and ready for the final finish.
  • Paint or Stain: Choose a color or stain that matches your decor. Apply it evenly and let it dry.
  • Dry and Ready: Make sure everything is completely dry before you start using it.

Step 7: Setting It Up

  • Find the Perfect Spot: Now place your zigzag bookshelf where it fits best. Maybe it’s against a wall or as a divider in a large room.

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You can get more step-by-step instructions here

Benefits of a Zigzag Design

A zigzag bookshelf is a great option when thinking about updating the décor of your house or business since it elegantly blends form and purpose. 

The following justifies the possible smart and fashionable choice of adding a zigzag bookshelf to your room.

Aesthetic Impact: Modern Elegance Meets Functional Design

A dynamic, geometric shape that sets the zigzag bookshelf apart and can turn a plain room into a visually interesting area. Unlike classic bookshelves, the zigzag design provides a modern appearance that, with its clean lines and well-organized arrangement, may be a focal point or enhance modern spaces.

Optimal Use of Space: Enhancing Functionality Without Sacrificing Style

One important advantage of the zigzag bookcase is its space-saving efficiency. Because of its special design, which makes the most of both vertical and horizontal storage, books and other objects may be arranged more neatly and easily. This is especially helpful in smaller rooms or places when maximizing square footage is essential since it allows the shelf to hold a lot of stuff in a tiny footprint.

Versatile Decor: Adaptable to Various Interior Styles

The zigzag bookcase is notable for its adaptability. Regardless of the direction your décor takes—industrial, eclectic, or minimalist—this bookcase fits right in. Its unique form allows it to be used in a variety of environments, fitting into corners or dividing rooms with ease while yet looking beautiful.

Accessibility and Ease of Use: Streamlined Organization at Your Fingertips

The open shelving and clear lines of the zigzag bookshelf enhance visibility and accessibility, making it effortless to locate and retrieve items. This design not only facilitates organization but also encourages a tidy and inviting living or work environment. It’s ideal for showcasing decorative items and personal collections, making everything you display easy to admire and reach.

Durability and Stability: A Reliable Construction

The structural integrity of the zigzag bookshelf is designed to offer long-lasting durability and stability. Its construction distributes weight evenly, which helps maintain balance and reduces the risk of tipping. This is particularly important in households with children or pets, ensuring the bookshelf is both a safe and enduring addition to your furniture collection.

Choosing a zigzag bookshelf not only enhances the functionality and appearance of your space but also reflects a thoughtful consideration of design and utility. It’s a sophisticated choice that promises to elevate the overall ambiance of your interior while providing practical storage solutions.

Zigzag Bookshelf as a Space Divider

Introducing a zigzag bookshelf into your living or working environment is not only about adding a storage solution; it’s about transforming the layout of your space with style and functionality. Here’s how a zigzag bookshelf can serve as an effective and aesthetic space divider.

Transforming Spaces with Functional Design

A zigzag bookshelf is more than just a place to store books—it’s a versatile piece of furniture that can dramatically alter the feel and flow of a room. Utilizing a zigzag bookshelf as a room divider allows you to carve out distinct areas in open-plan spaces, such as studios or large living rooms, without the need for walls or traditional partitions. This approach maintains an open, airy feel while clearly delineating different functional areas.

Enhancing Privacy and Interaction

A zigzag bookcase placed thoughtfully between living areas can provide a feeling of seclusion while maintaining an open and engaging design. For example, keeping a living room and office apart guarantees that work and play spaces stay separate and encourages more concentration and relaxation in each. Because the zigzag pattern is naturally flexible, it may be seen and accessed, allowing interaction when needed without invading the privacy of each divided area.

Aesthetic Harmony and Practicality

Any space is visually interesting and has a modern touch with a zigzag bookshelf. When a bookcase is utilized to divide a space, it improves the overall interior design by serving as both a barrier and an essential component of the décor. Its well balanced shape and function make it a useful but fashionable option that goes well with a variety of decorating styles. 

Using a zigzag bookshelf as a space divider not only optimizes your living or working environment but also enhances its aesthetic appeal, making it a smart addition to modern homes and offices.

Strong, adaptable, and visually pleasing, wood is a common material for zigzag bookshelves. Rich finishes and durability make hardwoods like oak and maple perfect for a piece that blends style and longevity. While less durable, softwoods like pine are an affordable choice. If obtained ethically, wood is also a sustainable option that fits with current trends in environmentally responsible home décor. 

Plywood: Economical and Flexible

Plywood is another common material for constructing zigzag bookshelves. It’s less expensive than solid wood and offers a uniform strength across all directions, which is beneficial for the angular design of a zigzag bookshelf. Plywood can be easily painted or stained to match any decor, making it a versatile option for DIY projects. However, the quality of plywood varies, and lower-grade plywood may not hold up as well over time or under heavy weight.

Metal: Modern and Durable

The materials you choose for your zigzag bookshelf will determine its cost, environmental effect, and longevity in addition to its look. This is a closer look at the ways in which various materials can affect the general caliber and sustainability of your zigzag bookcase.

Composite Materials: Affordable and Lightweight

Strong, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing, wood is a common material for zigzag bookshelves. For a piece that blends style and longevity, hardwoods like oak and maple provide resilience and a rich finish. Though less durable, softwoods like pine are an affordable choice. When obtained ethically, wood is also a sustainable option that fits nicely with eco-friendly home décor trends.


Building a zigzag bookcase provides a special fusion of design, usefulness, and individualized décor. With its well chosen materials and well-considered design, this piece will improve any area and become a focal point in your house or business. As you build each level, you produce a conversation piece that showcases your ingenuity and style in addition to a useful storage solution.

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