Awesome Beer Keg Grill: Tasty BBQ in 7 Steps

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Beer Keg Grill
Make your beer keg grill

Don’t have a barbecue in your backyard but want one? Of course, you can always buy one but if you’re looking for a conversation starter then DIY-ing is the way to go.

And if you have access to out-of-service beer kegs, this is the DIY grill project for you – beer keg grill!

A beer keg is a sealed container that is used to store, transport, and serve beer. Kegs are made of metals such as stainless steel or aluminium and have a valve at the top that is used to dispense the beer. Kegs are often used by breweries and bars to serve large quantities of beer at once and can be reused multiple times.


Before beginning any project that involves using a beer keg, it is important to obtain the keg from its owner with their permission. Beer kegs are part of breweries’ capital outlay and are very expensive, so it is illegal to get beer kegs without their permission.

The breweries will decide if their beer kegs are good for scrapping and you will have to get a certification that proves the unit is no longer their property. When you’ve finally acquired an out-of-service beer keg from your local brewery, the next thing to do is to be sure to inspect it for any damage or wear that could potentially make it unsafe to use and to make sure that the keg is depressurized.

This is very important for your safety, especially since this project involves cutting the unit in half! If you do not know how this process is done, ask for help from someone who does. With a little bit of care and preparation, you can easily repurpose a beer keg into a great grill for your next outdoor gathering.

Also be sure to wear proper protective gear at all times.

Building a Beer Keg Grill

For more step-by-step information on how you can turn a beer keg into this featured DIY grill project, head over to the tutorial linked below!


  • Old Beer Keg
  • Heavy-duty Steel Door Hinge
  • Scrap Steel Stock
  • Scrap Aluminum Plate
  • Small Bolts and Washers (various)
  • Store-bought Grill Grate


  • Angle Grinder (with cutting wheel and bonded flexible abrasive wheel)
  • Drill
  • Manual Shear
  • Files (for deburring edges, shaping wood)
  • MIG Welder
  • Bandsaw
  • Welding Angle Magnets
  • Vice Grips Pliers

You can get step-by-step instructions from ilpug over here

Beer Keg Grill Ideas

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Beer Keg BBQ Grill Station

If you want to get the most out of your beer keg, consider using it to create a BBQ grill station. By cutting the keg in half vertically, you’ll create a larger grilling surface that will come in handy for outdoor barbecue parties. Plus, this method will give your guests more room to move around and enjoy the festivities.

No-Weld Tire Rim Grill

If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to spruce up your backyard this summer, why not try a DIY no-weld tire rim grill? This project is perfect for anyone who doesn’t know how to weld, and it’s a great way to upcycle an old tire rim.

DIY Rocket Grill

A DIY Rocket Grill is a type of grill that is typically made from a metal can or other type of container. The name comes from the fact that the grill resembles a rocket ship. Rocket grills are popular among campers and those who enjoy outdoor cooking, as they are easy to make and use.

DIY Yakitori Grill

A Yakitori Grill is a Japanese style grill that is perfect for grilling skewers of meat or vegetables. It is a great way to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with friends or family. Yakitori grills are typically made of stainless steel or iron and have a wire mesh grill surface.

This type of grill is perfect for those who enjoy DIY cooking, as it is easy to set up and use. Yakitori grills are a great way to cook a variety of foods, and they can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Pocket Grill

This is a small, portable grill that is perfect for cooking on the go. It is easy to set up and take down, and can be used with either charcoal or gas. Pocket grills are great for camping, tailgating, or anytime you want to enjoy a delicious grilled meal.

Safety Tips for Working with Metal and Tools

Creating a beer keg grill is an exciting project that combines creativity with craftsmanship. However, working with metal and power tools requires careful attention to safety to prevent accidents and ensure a successful build.

Below are essential safety tips to keep in mind while transforming a beer keg into a backyard grill.

Wear Appropriate Protective Gear

Always wear protective gear when handling tools and working with metal as you build your beer keg grill. Essential items include:

  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying sparks and debris.
  • Heavy-duty gloves to shield your hands from sharp edges and hot surfaces.
  • Ear protection if you’re using loud power tools to prevent hearing damage.
  • Long-sleeve shirts and pants made of thick material to protect your skin from sparks and cuts.

Use Tools Correctly

Each tool has a specific purpose and needs to be used correctly to be safe when making your beer keg grill:

  • Read the manual for each tool to understand its functions and safety features.
  • Inspect tools before use to ensure they are in good condition, with no damaged cords or faulty parts.
  • Secure materials properly using clamps or a vise to keep the beer keg stable while you work. This prevents the keg from slipping and causing injury.

Maintain a Safe Workspace

Keeping your workspace organized and free of hazards as you construct your beer keg grill is crucial:

  • Keep the area clean and uncluttered to avoid tripping or accidentally knocking over tools.
  • Ensure good lighting so you can see what you are doing without straining your eyes.
  • Store tools when not in use to prevent accidental injuries. Make sure sharp or hot tools are out of reach if children are around.

Handle Cutting Tools with Care

Cutting the beer keg requires sharp tools that must be handled with extra caution:

  • Use the correct blade or disc for your material and cutting type. Make sure it’s securely attached to your tool.
  • Follow cutting guidelines to ensure you’re cutting in a safe direction, away from your body.
  • Avoid rush cuts. Take your time to line up cuts and proceed at a pace that allows for control and precision.

Stay Alert

Staying focused is one of the best ways to stay safe:

  • Do not work when you’re tired or distracted. Mistakes are more likely to happen when you’re not fully alert.
  • Keep your focus on the tool and task at hand. Avoid looking away from your work while using power tools.

By following these safety tips, you can enjoy building your beer keg grill while minimizing risks. Safety is crucial to ensuring that your DIY beer keg grill is both fun and rewarding.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

After investing time and effort into crafting a beer keg grill, proper maintenance and cleaning are key to ensuring it remains in great condition for future barbecues.

Here’s how you can keep your custom grill looking and functioning its best.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping your beer keg grill clean is crucial for both longevity and the quality of the food you cook:

  • After each use, allow the beer keg grillto cool, then brush off any food particles and grease from the grill grates.
  • Wash the grates with a grill brush and a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly to avoid a soapy taste next time you grill.
  • Wipe down the exterior of the beer keg grill with a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap. This helps prevent buildup and staining from smoke and grease.

Deep Cleaning

A thorough cleaning session at least once or twice a season will help maintain the performance and appearance of your grill:

  • Disassemble the grill components such as grates, and any removable parts. Soak them in a solution of warm water and degreaser or grill cleaner.
  • Scrub the interior with a wire brush or scraper to remove carbon buildup and grease deposits.
  • Rinse everything thoroughly and ensure all parts are dry before reassembling the grill.

Prevent Rust

Stainless steel or aluminum beer kegs can resist rust well, but proper care is still important:

  • Protect from the elements by covering your beer keg grill when it’s not in use or storing it in a dry area to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to rust.
  • Oil the grates lightly after cleaning. This not only helps prevent rust but also aids in keeping food from sticking during your next barbecue.

Regular Inspection

Regular checks can help you catch issues on your beer keg grill before they become serious:

  • Inspect for wear and damage such as cracks, rust spots, or loose components. Address these issues promptly to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Check connections and fittings if your grill setup includes any gas components or additional features like temperature gauges.

Safe Storage

How you store your grill can affect its condition:

  • Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • If storing outdoors, invest in a durable, weather-resistant grill cover that fits securely.

By adhering to these maintenance and cleaning tips, your beer keg grill will not only last for many grilling seasons but will also remain a safe and proud addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.


Building a beer keg grill offers a unique and rewarding DIY project that enhances any outdoor gathering. With careful attention to safety, maintenance, and proper use, this custom grill can provide years of reliable service and become a conversation piece at your barbecues. Embrace the process, and enjoy crafting a functional piece of art that reflects your craftsmanship and love for grilling.

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