Turn daddy’s shirts into a dress

Got some old shirts daddy doesn’t wear anymore? Why not turn them into a cute dress for the kids. They’ll love it and you’ll be surprised how well they fit!!

Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress
Turn daddy’s shirts into a dress for a little girl

Old shirts are too good to be left inside the closet or turned into a rag! By making a dress out of these men’s shirts, you end up with pretty dresses!

Read this tutorial by an amateur sewer but a creative DIYer, and see more examples below!

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You’ll need these materials:

  • 3 Old/Used Shirts
  • Pins
  • Thread Color of your choice

And these tools:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Tailor’s Chalk
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Calculator

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Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress

Get your measurements. I made a makeshift drawing and added in some of the measurements.

  • Around the neck
  • Side of neck to end of shoulder
  • Arm width
  • Bust
  • Waist
  • Spot where the skirt will sit
  • Hips (not needed)
  • Length from neck, down the back to the top of where the skirt will sit
  • Length from where skirt will sit down the back of the leg to where the skirt will end

Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress

For the skirt choose two of the shirts, for this I used the two blue striped ones. Lay them flat.

Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress

Cut up the sides and cut out the sleeves at the same time.

Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress

Then cut across the top of the shirt underneath the shoulders to the give it a nice flat edge.

Pattern: For this I measured where she has her skirt sit when she wears it and the measurement was — 34inches.

Now we have four pieces of fabric so lets take 34 and divide it by four, that will give us four pieces at 8.5 inches a piece.

Take each piece of fabric and measure along the top. Find the total length and divide it in half. Place a mark in the middle.

Now take your measurement of 8.5 inches and divide in half again, giving us 4.5

Now measure 4.25 after the mark you made, and 4.25 in front of the mark. This will give you your total of 8.5 inches right in the middle of the piece of fabric.

Now make sure to add 1/4 of an inch to each side of the pattern, this is where you will cut out the fabric, it gives you your seam allowance.

This is the top of the skirt.

Upcycled Mens Shirt to Dress

Now go from the middle mark and measure down 1/2 inch.

From this mark measure down the measurement from the back of where the skirt sits down the leg to the length you want the skirt at.

In this case it was 19.5 inches. I then added another 1/2 inch to it.

The extra half inch on the bottom will be where you hem the skirt

And the extra half inch on top is where you attach the skirt to the top.

Once you have the bottom measure out. Cut across the shirt shortening the bottom to its new length.

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