How to Fold Fitted Sheets

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Folding clothes can sometimes be very frustrating. It’s a tedious household chore, and I hate it even more when the clothes are being stubborn! Some are just difficult to fold so that it looks nice and clean. Then there’s the bed sheet. It’s already hard enough to deal with for its size, and its fitted corners add to the hassle.

Good thing there’s one great person out there who shared his wisdom on how to do it right, and so we are passing it forward!

How to fold fitted sheets


1. Place your hands under the corners of the shorter side of the sheet. Make sure that the sheet is inside out.

2.Bring one corner to meet the other and fold it to the adjacent corner.

3. Pick up the third corner and fold it to the corners you are holding. Then do the same with the last corner. Take note that the sheet should be inside out.

4. Now that all corners are together, lay the fitted sheet on a flat surface. Make sure the the sheet and corners are folded nice and clean.

5. Fold the sheet vertically, hiding the fitted corners.

6. Then fold it further until it is a rectangle that is as big as the other folded sheets that you have.

7. Now you can satisfyingly keep them in the closet together with the regular sheets nicely folded!

Source: Golden Shine




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