Learn how to build a rotisserie BBQ pit

Rotisserie BBQ Pit

A large rotisserie pit BBQ for a large gathering! Learn how to build this DIY project in your backyard for some delicious turkey and other BBQ favourites! Don’t be fooled by the word ‘large’! This DIY rotisserie pit is a dry-fit project which makes it easy to build. Yes, that means no mortar. 🙂 And with that said, […]

Build your own barbecue grill table!

DIY Barbecue Grill Table

Love having backyard parties? You will surely like this DIY barbecue grill table! Barbecue parties are fun but they are a lot more enjoyable when you are cooking comfortably in a proper ‘work area’. Now if you need something that is movable, this barbecue grill table is one of the options for you – a table/cart for a Big Green Egg grill! But since this is a […]

Build your own timber smoker!

Do you need a large smoker that can take the amount of meat and fish that you want to smoke? Then build a timber smoker! You’ll be pleased to learn how easy it is to build your very own mini timber smokehouse. In fact, this DIY project can easily be finished over a weekend. It is basically just a […]

Learn how to build your own mini smoker!

DIY Mini Smoker

It’s a glorious summer day, windless and warm, and you are out back of the house getting intoxicated. Not on beer, but on smoke. The mouth-watering aroma curling up from the smoker makes you practically tipsy, doesn’t it? You can be smoking beef short ribs. A leisurely bath in the vapors deepens the beefy flavor […]

Build an all-in-one backyard smokehouse, pizza oven and grill!

Smokehouse, Pizza Oven, Garden Grill

Do you want to try all kinds of outdoor cooking but have limited backyard space? Then this project just might be for you! It’s compact and it can cook three ways! Here’s the ultimate outdoor project for every cooking need – a smokehouse, a pizza oven and a grill, all in one! If you enjoy having […]

How to build a whiskey barrel BBQ smoker

Whisky Barrel Smoker

There are many kinds of smokers. You can buy charcoal smokers, gas smokers, wood smokers, electric smokers, and pellet smokers. But why buy when you can build one? This project brings elements of two activities that many enjoy together: barbecuing and drinking. We’re sure you see how using a wine or whiskey barrel to build […]

How To Build Your Own No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker

No-Weld Drum BBQ Smoker

OK… you like (love?) smoked meat and you want to do it yourself but there’s the budget, right? Then here is a very inexpensive solution that’s easy to make, does not need any welding and the materials are mostly scrap! Steel drums are key tools in industrial packaging. The re-use and repurposing of drums can help […]

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