Build your own pizza oven from a propane tank!

Do you have access to old propane tanks? Then you can have yourself an awesome DIY pizza oven! We’ve featured a propane tank turned pizza oven project before, but this one is a simpler and easier project to do. It involves minimal modification, which is great especially for first time steel/metal DIY-ers. Its size is great […]

Learn how to build a pizza oven with an exercise ball!

Wood-fired pizza oven built using exercise ball

Want to know another way to build your own pizza oven? Then have a look at this DIY pizza oven which made use of an exercise ball to create its dome! Yes, you can use an exercise ball as the mould for your DIY pizza oven. It’s a convenient way for those who already have one at home, and it’s less […]

Unglazed tile pizza stone!

Unglazed tile pizza stone

You can enjoy as much authentic pizza as you want if you bake it yourself at home. But when your pizza stone cracks, well, you would have to shell out around $40 for a replacement. Well, not anymore! You can still enjoy great pizza by baking it, not on a pizza stone, but quarry tiles […]

Build a pizza oven and patio heater in one!

Patio Heater Pizza Oven Combo

Do you love to do outdoor cooking? If you do, we have a great idea for an awesome stove/cooking equipment made from old propane bottles for you. Here’s a DIY project you can do that serves two purposes – a pizza oven and a patio heater/brazier! So how does it work? Here’s the explanation from the owner-builder: “A fire […]

Enjoy homemade bread and pizza by building a low-cost earthen oven

What’s a better way to bake bread and pizza than in a natural oven? It’s more fun and thrilling to use, yields better-tasting food, and of course does not consume electricity! Earthen ovens like this have existed since the 18th century. Given that, one can already figure that the building process is very basic, and can […]

Build an all-in-one backyard smokehouse, pizza oven and grill!

Smokehouse, Pizza Oven, Garden Grill

Do you want to try all kinds of outdoor cooking but have limited backyard space? Then this project just might be for you! It’s compact and it can cook three ways! Here’s the ultimate outdoor project for every cooking need – a smokehouse, a pizza oven and a grill, all in one! If you enjoy having […]

Turn an oil drum barrel into a pizza oven!

Here’s another great idea for all you pizza lovers out there! If you find building a cob oven or cement outdoor pizza oven too laborious, perhaps you’d like this DIY pizza oven made from an empty oil drum. 🙂 It involves a little bit of the usual steel works, but this project is way simpler […]

Build a dry stack wood-fired pizza oven comfortably in one day!

The result – a pizza oven in less than a day!

By Paul Corsetti The world loves pizza. In the United States, people eat 350 slices every second. Some 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. There’s a reason for all this.  Humans are drawn to foods that are sweet, rich, and complex. Pizza usually has all of these components in abundance. […]

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