Building the Perfect DIY Planter Bench for Your Garden With 7 Easy Steps!

DIY Planter Bench For Your Garden

No garden is complete without a bench. Certainly, once you’ve spent ample time tending to your garden and nurturing your flowerbeds, a desire naturally arises for a peaceful spot to unwind and bask in the beauty you’ve cultivated, doesn’t it?

A garden bench proves to be an ideal enhancement for any outdoor space, offering a serene sanctuary to sit, relax, and savor the rewards of your dedicated efforts. Plus, it has the capacity to infuse a dash of elegance and sophistication into your garden, elevating its overall charm and enhancing your outdoor experience.

If you seek that exquisite final flourish for your garden, do consider the addition of a bench; it’s a choice that can truly complete the picture. Not just an ordinary bench you know of – a planter bench!

This planter bench allows you to do both quite easily. You’ve worked hard on your backyard garden between potting begonias, growing vegetables, and pulling out weeds. In order to fully savor the rewards of your hard work, what you truly require is a dedicated outdoor nook where you can unwind, recline, and delight in the beauty of your garden.

A planter bench presents an ingenious means to expand your yard or garden’s seating capacity, all the while seamlessly blending in the lush touch of greenery. It has the ability to elevate the visual allure of any area, rendering it more welcoming and pleasurable.

Additionally, maintenance is a breeze; with minimal effort, your bench can maintain its splendid appearance for years to come. If you have an outdoor area that feels neglected, spruce it up with a planter bench.

You can entertain friends or use it when you need some alone time. By adding a planter bench to your outdoor space, you can create a beautiful and inviting area for relaxing and entertaining.

Build your own planter bench so you can customize it any way you want!
Build your own planter bench so you can customize it any way you want!

A ready-made planter bench will set you back around $70. This is just for a small, basic planter. But why spend that much when you can make one yourself? You’ll have the freedom to choose the material, size, color, and other design aspects of the planter.

Luckily, you found this exceptional DIY bench planter tutorial, complete with comprehensive instructions that should make the project easy for you to accomplish. It will take some time and effort, but the finished product will be well worth it.

How to Make Your Own DIY Garden Planter Bench

Transform your garden into a tranquil oasis where nature and relaxation coexist! Unleash your inner artisan and delve into the world of creative gardening and outdoor seating, all in one beautiful project.

Are you excited to gather all the essential materials and tools required for crafting your garden planter bench?

KING BIRD 101" x 36" x 24" Galvanized Raised Garden Bed


  • cedar 2×4s. Get twenty 8-foot boards to make the 16 1/2-inch planter pieces and the 82 1/2-inch-long seat frame.
  • cedar 1 1/4×6s. Get four 6-foot boards to make the 63-inch-long seat and one 8-foot board to trim the tall planter.
  • 3/4-inch gravel, for drainage below the planters and to fill the assembled planters. Get at least 1 1/2 cubic feet (three bags).
  • 4 32-quart bags, of potting soil, to top off the planters filled with gravel
  • 4 tubes of construction adhesive
  • 3-inch stainless-steel deck screws
  • 2-inch stainless-steel deck screws
  • 3-inch galvanized siding nails
  • 8 pcs 12-inch galvanized spikes


  • 4-foot level
  • miter saw
  • circular saw
  • jigsaw
  • Speed Square
  • drill/driver fitted with a 3/8-inch paddle bit
  • garden spade
  • hammer
  • hand tamper
  • caulk gun

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Here are the steps to make your own DIY garden planter bench:

Step 1: Cut the Cedar Boards

Using your miter saw and circular saw, carefully cut the cedar 2x4s to create sixteen 16 1/2-inch planter pieces and the seat frame measuring 82 1/2 inches in length. Trim one of the 8-foot cedar 1 1/4x6s for use in finishing the tall planter.

Step 2: Assemble the Planters

Construct the planters by attaching the cedar 2x4s together using 3-inch stainless-steel deck screws. Ensure the corners are square and secure. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of each planter.

Step 3: Add Gravel and Soil

Place a layer of 3/4-inch gravel in the bottom of each planter for drainage. Fill the rest of the planters with potting soil.

Step 4: Build the Bench Seat

Create the bench seat by attaching the cedar 2x4s to form a rectangular frame. Use 2-inch stainless-steel deck screws for this part of the project.

Step 5: Attach the Planters to the Bench

Secure the assembled planters to the bench seat frame using construction adhesive and 3-inch galvanized siding nails. Ensure they are evenly spaced and level.

Step 6: Secure the Bench in Place

Place your DIY garden planter bench in your desired location. Use the 12-inch galvanized spikes to anchor it firmly into the ground.

Step 7: Finish and Trim

To add a polished touch to your tall planter, use the trimmed cedar 1 1/4×6 to create an attractive border. Attach it with construction adhesive and nails.

Your DIY garden planter bench is now ready to be enjoyed. Plant your favourite plants, take a seat, and savour the beauty of your outdoor oasis.

Remember to adhere to safety precautions when using power tools and handling materials.

Thanks to This Old House for sharing this great project!

Crafting Your Garden Sanctuary!

Elevate your garden game with this 8-step guide to crafting the ultimate DIY garden planter bench. From the exciting process of gathering all the necessary materials to the thrilling moment of adding those final, defining touches, you will be shepherd through each and every phase.

Rest assured, every step has been meticulously planned to make this journey not just achievable, but also incredibly rewarding. Your dream garden planter bench is well within reach – bring it to life!

Build, plant, and relax in style – your perfect garden retreat awaits! Happy crafting!



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